Bri Blahg… See You At The Movies… Not. Music News Round Up 10/28/09

28 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

This Is It Premieres

The stars turned out in LA. Will I rush out and see it? During football season and The World Series? Not bloody likely.

Or I Could Go To The Killers Movie

Not bloody likely either.

Things Work Out For The Best Says John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones has broken his silence on the aborted Led Zeppelin reunion and says he’s much happier in Them Crooked Vultures regardless.

Bonus Coverage. Likely your last look at Led Zepp:

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Bri Blahg… Punches, Divorces, and Bad Wigs. Music News Round Up 10/15/09

15 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


Some guy punched Leona Lewis during a UK book signing. Why? Not sure.

Oh My God You Guys

Avril Lavigne has filed for divorce. Isn’t she like 15?

Bonus Coverage. She’s petitioned the court to deny her estranged husband spousal support. That’s ok he doesn’t need the money, he’s in Sum 41. Oh that’s cold Avril.

More bonus coverage. Here’s something to ponder…. Who’s the bigger Canadian music star now? Avril or Anvil?

Bizarro Chart

Some clown named Michael Buble is Number 1. Good for him. Number 2? Kiss! Say what you will, but for some bands the Wal-Mart exclusive is career Viagra. The entire Billboard 200 is here. If you dig down far enough you can find out how much people don’t give a shit about Scarlett Johansson as a singer.

But What About Chris Gaines?!

Garth Brooks says he’s putting on his cowgirdle, and coming out of retirement.

Bonus Coverage. My theory is he’s waited this long to give the public time to forget about Chris Gaines. Think again pardner:

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Passion Pit sell out Newport Music Hall

30 09 2009

By Dan Hoffman (@danhoffman24)

The Newport Music Hall was packed tight with hipsters, college kids, and a few chauches for Passion Pit last night. We first encountered Passion Pit with a much a smaller crowd at The Summit several months ago. Last night, the sold-out crowd at the Newport was lit up by fluorescent neon glow sticks and 32 oz. beers in their blood stream.


As the glow sticks started to fill the air, so did Michael Angelakos’s high-pitched vocals. After a few songs, the crowd was worked into a sweaty frenzy. Angelako addressed the crowd that he had been hit with a few glow sticks and asked everyone to keep it going. “Sleepyhead” took the crowd from a steady vibration to an all-out dance party with no reservations. When “The Reeling” hit the crowd, limbs where flying everywhere. Good or bad, people wear moving their bodies and dancing their faces off to the infectious synth beats. Though it was a short show, about an hour, the crowds endurance could not have danced much longer … at least with that much intensity.  And it was apparent the band’s intensity matched that of the crowd through the whole show. Overall, a great show in deed and a good hormonal release for a few sweaty kids that were making out around me.

Check out our video interview with Passion Pit at Bonnaroo 2009.

Phoenix: every bro’s favorite new band

28 09 2009

By Jill Menze (@jillmenze)

Phoenix at Bonnaroo 2009

Phoenix at Bonnaroo 2009

Welp, Phoenix, congrats. You’ve reached the ranks among hip bands like Animal Collective and MGMT and can now proudly add the “bro” category to your list of fans. I guess we can thank the band’s “Saturday Night Live” performance, the Cadillac commercial, blogosphere buzz and its numerous summer apearances for the boost in popularity (or, you know, just the excellence of its May-released “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” but that seems too easy).

Whatever the case, bros came out in droves for Phoenix’s first of two nights at New York’s Central Park Summerstage Friday night. We’re talking American Eagle-shirted, giant-foam-cowboy-hat-wearing, joint-smoking bros, psyched and drunk on $6 beer all for a bunch of skinny dudes from France.

And fortunately, Phoenix delivered the tight, raucous set everyone was hoping for (though the volume was far too low all around, especially the vocals buried in the mix). It’s easy to see why the playful, buzzy electro pop of songs like “Lisztomania” and “1901” have such mass appeal; to wit, there wasn’t an idle body in the crowd (but to be fair, some folks may have been moving just to stay warm, as it was rather chilly for an outdoor show).

The night’s openers Passion Pit is also holding its own for wrangling a sizable bro-rific fanbase, as evidenced by the large turnout at the group’s festival appearances this summer. However, we couldn’t figure out which way the 6 train was running and missed the band’s performance on Friday. My guess, though, is the cowboy hat dudes were equally as excited.

After the jump, check videos of “Lisztomania” and “1901” from Friday night’s performance.

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Bri Blahg… Music News Round Up Thursday August 20

20 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

As I write I’ve fired up Jay Reatard’s “Watch Me Fall” album. It’s not bad. The faux British accent is a little annoying, but that’s just nitpicking. He’s been listening to a lot of Wire I believe. Not a world changing record, but it’s good clean fun. Strongest track may be the last one “There Is No Sun,” a slab of sad eyed, chime-y power pop. And on now to the news of the day:

Super group Them Crooked Vultures have leaked some studio footage. It’s nigh impossible these days to maintain the mystery in any project, but it seems they’ve done a good job in this case.

Meanwhile Stereogum reports on their second ever live appearance.

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Chairlift Interview at Lollapalooza

8 08 2009

Chailift talk about their journey that started in the desert in 2007 and will continue into the studio to record their follow up album.

Passion Pit’s “To Kingdom Come”

20 07 2009

By Dan Hoffman (@danhoffman24)

I feel terribly dirty, but I can’t help but to pass on this unofficially released video for Passion Pit’s “”To Kingdom Come”.  I came across it on the vimeosphere and I got the vibe its not supposed to be out till August 24th. Passion Pit do not fail at the visual dimension … exhibit A: The Reeling. The video for “To Kingdom Come” is no exception. This is a whimsical collection of animations and textures that serve a few pioneering scientists with the ability to make the unknown seem tangible.

Please forgive me for I have sinned.