Bri Blahg… Aerosmith Without Tyler? Wicker Furniture And One World Government. Music News Round Up 11/6/09

6 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Beatles Win Round One, Site Takes Down 25 Cent Downloads

A judge issued the injunction yesterday. Blue Beat has other problems brewing I imagine. They claim ownership for all the thousands of songs they’re selling.

Bonus Coverage. The fine print:

More Bonus Coverage. You can’t buy the songs anymore, but a couple of minutes ago I listened to “Get Back:”

And Now To Stoke Your Paranoia

There are those who are convinced we are headed for a one world government. That’s a very bad idea. Think of it this way: If there were only one place to buy wicker furniture, that wicker furniture would be very expensive and of poor quality. One world government would be like a wicker chair with a giant hole in it. The giant hole in which your ass is stuck, the pointy wicker ends shoved in to your skin. The above is why CNN never calls to have me on Anderson Cooper. I don’t make any damn sense. Anyway some very powerful nations are working in secret on a treaty that would throw file sharers off the net FOREVER!!!!!! It’s worse than that even if the article is to be believed.

Jay Z Plots Early ’10 Tour

It’s all here.


Spin is speculating that Aerosmith are pondering a future without Steven Tyler. That’s like Jack Daniels pondering a future without whiskey. Dudes, if Steven Tyler is out, you need to hang it up. According to this thread on Velvet Rope, it has to do with Tyler being very much off the wagon.

Bonus Coverage. Cripes Aerosmith has survived everything to, for the most part, just be the five of them. The only time they weren’t was the early 80’s when guitar players Joe Perry and Brad Whitford both quit. The result was this. Not a bad song I suppose, but the album as a whole was a huge stiff:

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Bri Blahg… No Duh, Courtney Cashed Kobain Guitar Hero Check. Music News Round Up 9/18/09

18 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Pearl Jam Streaming “Backspacer”

It’s on their Myspace. I’m going to check it out this weekend. The parts I’ve heard are really solid. Of course we have that whole pesky controversy about Pearl Jam doing the deal with Target… I don’t know, I guess I’m numb at this point. This stuff doesn’t really get me riled up like it used to. If you want to begin foaming at the mouth over it great, but compared to other stuff, it ain’t that big a deal to me.

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Photos: Lollapalooza Day 3

10 08 2009

Grant Park treated us well for the last three days. Here’s a look at some of our best photos from yesterday…


Budweiser stage and Chicago Skyline


Lou Reed fans

Click to see photos from Day 1 and 2.

Lou Reed, Neko Case, Bat for Lashes, Silversun Pickups & more after the jump…

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My Bloody Valentine pulverizes All Points West day two

2 08 2009

By Jill Menze (@jillmenze)

My Bloody Valentine at All Points West; photo by Jillian Mapes

My Bloody Valentine at All Points West; photo by Jillian Mapes

So while day one at All Points West was a rainy, muddy mess (but we still had fun!), day two was just, well, a muddy mess, but at least this time I walked out with the bonus of a nicer tan (hey-o!). Yes, New Jersey’s Liberty State Park was full of bright sunshine as many a music fan, Tool-shirted and otherwise, crowded the island for day two of the event.

I spent most of my day anxiously counting down to my first-ever live performance from shoegaze gods My Bloody Valentine, but fortunately there was plenty with which to pass the time. Early up was Austin, Texas, rockers … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, whom I missed last weekend at the Williamsburg Pool Party. Despite a full-on wipe out from the keyboardist, who fell on his back straight from the stage to the photo pit, before the set, the group was wound up and fierce, powering through hits off the group’s latest offering, “The Century of Self,” like “Far Pavilions” and the two-drummer backed “Isis Unveiled” as well as old goodies like the pummeling “It Was There That I Saw You” from 1999’s “Source Tags & Codes.”

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Bri Blahg… Lollapalooza 2009 Schedule Out

18 06 2009

by Brian Phillips (@brianblahg)


Passion Pit @ Bonnaroo 2009 photo by Brian Phillips

Passion Pit “The Reeling”

Hard to believe Bonnaroo started a week ago already. For one guy it ended. Apparently clean up crews found a body on Tuesday…. almost 48 hours after the festival ended. Damn. Didn’t anyone wonder where he went?

“Hey where’s Bill?”

“I think he went to get a burrito or something.”

“When was that?”

“Um, like two days ago during Phish.”

Let’s try to do better at Lollapalooza people. Have a buddy system.

The Lollapalooza performance schedule is out. Let’s lace up the combat boots and stomp right in and see if we can find anything to do the first full weekend of August in Chicago’s Grant Park. Here’s some things I’m looking forward to.

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Noise Pop ’09: A.C. Newman

1 03 2009

Barely begun touring to promote his recently released album Get Guilty,
A.C. Newman (of New Pornographer’s notoriety) spoke with us before taking
stage at The Independent on Saturday. Click the image below to watch our interview.