Bri Blahg… Music News Round Up Friday August 28, 2009

28 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

First of all… horray for Matt and Kim playing on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Along with Passion Pit, Matt and Kim are the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

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Bri Blahg… Giant Heat Stroked Lollapalooza Wrap Up

10 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


And that’s it. Lollapalooza 2009 is history. We saw a little of everything this weekend. I swear it was down right chilly Friday. It was raining I know that. Saturday and Sunday were different stories. We got a good lather going by the end of the weekend. Lollapalooza adjusted though. Yesterday the Chicago Fire Department brought in a truck with a giant fan on top to spray mist. This ain’t a bad town if the fire department has a damn misting truck. I’m going to roll through some highlights here. I’m one man though and there’s so much I missed. I saw quite a lot too.


I raced to the BMI stage just in time to catch a wisp of April Smith. She’s somethin’, and a mean dresser too. Smith was kind enough to take us on a tour of the site seeing as how we just got there and all. April received as much as she gave in the form of Lobster Corn Dogs.

After watching nine year old Yuto Miyazawa play “Paranoid” by Sabbath on the Kidzapalooza stage a late Portland, Oregon band Hockey tried to make it work on The Playstation Stage. Unfortunately the power went out and they couldn’t get through their first number. The men were good sports in the media area later and told us about how Bruce Springsteen doesn’t pay attention when you meet him.

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Bri Blahg… Lollapalooza 2009 Schedule Out

18 06 2009

by Brian Phillips (@brianblahg)


Passion Pit @ Bonnaroo 2009 photo by Brian Phillips

Passion Pit “The Reeling”

Hard to believe Bonnaroo started a week ago already. For one guy it ended. Apparently clean up crews found a body on Tuesday…. almost 48 hours after the festival ended. Damn. Didn’t anyone wonder where he went?

“Hey where’s Bill?”

“I think he went to get a burrito or something.”

“When was that?”

“Um, like two days ago during Phish.”

Let’s try to do better at Lollapalooza people. Have a buddy system.

The Lollapalooza performance schedule is out. Let’s lace up the combat boots and stomp right in and see if we can find anything to do the first full weekend of August in Chicago’s Grant Park. Here’s some things I’m looking forward to.

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Renzor Attempts Peacekeeping Mission With Janes Addiction

22 04 2009

As we alluded to yesterday, Janes Addiction has been attempting to cut tracks with Trent Renzor before Nine Inch Nails and Janes tour this summer. Reportedly it ain’t going to well.

I would give just about anything to see Reznor attempting to keep the members of Janes from beating each other. I don’t view Trent as the peacemaker sort… wouldn’t that be more Perry Farrell? Lets hope Janes makes it to the end of the summer or at least Lollapalooza.

Here’s some of Jane’s set at the Playboy party at SXSW 2009… yes, it was shot on our trusty flip cam.

Lollapalooza Lineup Revealed.

21 04 2009

You know there is hope for our economic future. If the dollars are there to pay this lineup then God Bless us all. It’s quite monster yes sir. Lollapalooza announced their 2009 lineup this morning. Depeche Mode, Tool, The Killers, Jane’s Addiction (who are recording with Trent Reznor and may or may not be ready to kill one and other) Beastie Boys and Kings of Leon are your headliners. I can tell that by their font size on Lollapalooza’s official site. With slightly smaller lettering we have Lou Reed, Ben Harper, Snoop Dogg, Andrew Bird, Rise Against, TV On The Radio, and Thievery Corporation.

Some others highlights…. Decemberists, Neko Case, Band Of Horses, Of Montreal, Gomez, Bat For Lashes, Manchester Orchestra, and The Low Anthem. That’s just a sampling. Very strong and eclectic lineup.

Lollapalooza Lineup 2009 from C3 Presents Video on Vimeo.

The best and worst of SXSW 2009

23 03 2009

Phew! What a week! I’m running on a five-day hangover of too much loud music, booze, sun and everything else imaginable, and I gotta say, it was one of the best weeks ever. Here are my top highlights from the week:

photo by James Trevenen, Playboy

Best Show: Jane’s Addiction @ Playboy’s Rock the Rabbit. What business did Jane’s Addiction have playing SXSW, who cares, cause this show killllled. To top it off, it was in an abandoned grocery store and included complimentary Jack and a buffet. What’s not to love? I get that this award is supposed to go to some up-and-comer waiting to be discovered, but screw it, Farrell and Navarro deserve it.

photo by James Trevenen, Playboy

Best Showcase: Tie: SPIN Magazine @ Stubb’s BBQ/Village Voice @ La Zona Rosa. I’m sure there were a few showcases that could compete for this award line-up-wise, but my time spent at Stubb’s was enjoyable, despite how crowded it became for Echo & the Bunnymen. Stubb’s is a top-notch outdoor venue, Echo was fantastic and tallboys were free and easily accessible. Village Voice is up there, too, for the free Mexican food (seriously, damn good), as well as the lineup, which I unfortunately only caught half of (saw: Crystal Antlers and Cursive; missed: Gomez and M. Ward).

Best Venue: French Legation Museum. This outdoor space was absolutely lovely (and only a block from where we were staying!) — big, green lawn, trees, WAVVES beating a pinata. I didn’t have time to catch much live there, but the time I spent just hanging out felt perfect. Someone also shared with me the history of what the French Legation Museum actually is, but I may have been too drunk to remember …

photo by Jillian Mapes

Best SWAG: EB101 Earbuds and Altec Lansing speakers, courtesy of the AP gifting suite. Booyah.

Best Meal: Brisket sandwich at some off-the-beaten-path BBQ joint near our house. I have no idea what the name of this place was, and I have never in my life had such unreasonably slow service, but oh wells, it was worth it.

photo by Nick Jones

Best Drink: Tito mixed drinks @ mayor’s media welcome reception. They may have run out of BBQ, but the beverages were delish.

Most Efficient Bathroom Line: Levi’s FADER Fort. They were running that shit military style. Bravo.

photo by Nick Jones

Overall Best-Of @ SXSW ’09: I’d love to say that this was hanging with my best buds from New York, spending quality time with good friends from out of town and meeting tons of new people, or any one of the many nutty situations I found myself in, but in all honesty, it was having my wallet returned. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Austin Police Department, for all your help and understanding.

And now, the worst …

Worst Show
: As I think back on all the shows I caught this week, none stick out to me as particularly “bad,” but there was one singer/songwriter wailing off-key from a rooftop downtown that immediately made me wish he would shut up. And the fact that it’s STILL vivid in my memory must say something.

Worst Venue: iheartcomix/Jelly NYC showcase: This event was a ways from downtown (in a strip mall? I think?), in what had to be the worst setup at the fest. After hopping in a cab just to get out there, the line stretched for blocks, and after running into some friends on their way out, they said it was 20x worse inside and infested with teenagers. So without even bothering to check it out myself, I’m declaring this the worst of the week.

Worst Meal: Rachael Ray.

Worst Drink: Whatever they were serving @ Vice Party. Waaay too sweet. Being able to smoke inside was nice, though.

Biggest Regret: Missing Rye Rye. I heard nothing but positive buzz about Rye Rye all week, and every time I tried to catch her, I missed out.

Overall Worst-Of @ SXSW ’09: Losing my wallet. Durrr.  — Jill Menze

SXSW Friday… And Into Saturday. Well into Saturday

21 03 2009

I have to stop every so often and think real hard when things have happened. Friday seems like five days ago. That’s a good thing. Life is full this week.

I started things off by chatting up Star Death and The White Dwarf… aka the band comprised of The Flaming Lips road crew. The Lips are certainly an influence, but Star Death are into soul music too and work that into some of their music. I’m happy to report the fellas say Wayne Coyne is a good boss who treats them well. I tried to organize them into a union, but they politely declined.

From there it was Trophy’s on the south side for our pals The Lonely H. If you feel rock n roll needs saving, then here’s your saviors. It’s kick ass 70’s style rock n roll hold the pretension. The new stuff visits a bit in the country rock world and it all sounds confident. New album in June. Already on my Ipod neener neener big fat weener to you.

Using connections I’m not disposed to reveal (alright Jill Menze from Uwire got me in.) I was able to gain entry into The Spin Magazine throw down at Stubb’s Bar B Que. The Black Lips were loud as hell and I loved every second. Then it was backstage (which is actually dirt and some grass, not very glamorous). I spent some quality time with Will Sergeant of Echo & The Bunnymen. He’s a nice chap and we talked about old garage rock, and soul bands he plays on his weekly radio show. Then I salivated visibly as he mentioned his vintage tube stereo gear and juke box. Will revealed he has a businesslike relationship with Ian McCulloch and that he has a pint every Tuesday with retired Bunnyman Les Pattinson who now works on boats for fun.

Perry Farrell brought on the band. Perry needs to eat. It was a nice intro as The Janes Addiction leader seemed very excited to be bringing on one of his favorite bands.
Echo were great again, and I had a primo vantage point. (Note… Echo are one of my favorite bands. I will say pretty much anything they do is great.)

From there it was the priceless Theresa Andersson at Antone’s. Using an array of pedals the lovely Swede looped herself on violin, guitar, and drums. Before our eyes she assembled the parts she needed to build each song. And wait until you hear her sing! Quickly capturing herself on pedals, she brought forth a choir of Theresas, sendin the songs to their moving crescendo. I’m not doing it justice. You just have to see her. YOU HAVE TO! She’s utterly brilliant and left me speechless. We’ll have video up soon.

Dashing down to The Austin Music Hall I took my place with actual professional photographers and decided to take the Hunter S. Thompson approach to covering the story. That is I had the bartender pour me a few fingers of Bourbon. Holding their cameras and progressively more phallic lenses the pros eyed me with thinly veiled disgust. Tough turf people. I have an orange tag on my teeny tiny HD camera. I’ll put another tag on my cup of Jim Beam if it’ll help. Finishing my cocktail just in time I took position front and center. It’s good thing Devo was loud so I wouldn’t have to hear them mentally elbowing me to the ground. I did it all for you. Well except for the Jim Beam, that was for me. My video and a interview is up now with my shockingly steady handed footage.

After we were escorted from the photography pit I dashed across town for a few minutes of The New York Dolls. Solid, but…. I mean I wish Johnny Thunders were still alive.

I then crammed some food in my face and ducked into The Kid Sister show. Her brother is part of Flosstradamus and he was there. For some reason I was allowed to sit on stage and shoot. Everyone was having such a great time no one questioned my qualifications… unlike those guys at Devo.

Saturday wraps things…. I’ve got a powwow with Jon Langford from The Mekons. His band The Waco Brothers are playing and they kick major arse. Then it’s Modern Skirts, Langhorn Slim, live shooting at Tinted Windows, and Silversun Pickups. I’ll try to be more professional.