Bri Blahg… Aerosmith Stop Doing Stones, Start Doing Tap… Slash Does Himself With Fergie… Music News Round Up 10/12/09

12 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Up Next, Jazz Odyssey And Puppet Show

If a band hangs around long enough, they’ll do every scene in This Is Spinal Tap. Steven Tyler jumping up to do “Walk This Way” with The Joe Perry Project was Aerosmith’s take on Nigel Tufnel rejoining The Tap after “Sex Farm” reached number 5 in Japan. Unlike the movie though, Perry tells Billboard it doesn’t mean Tyler is back in the band.

Bonus Coverage. It just never gets old:

More Bonus Coverage. The last time for Perry and Tyler? Ok probably not.

Lips Get Naked In New Video

And not just a little. Spin was there.

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Bri Blahg… Kanye Stabs Self, U2ube, There’s A Pearl Jam App For That… Music News Round Up 10/20/09

20 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


Kanye West briefly posted a disturbing Spike Jonze directed short yesterday, and then took it down.

Bonus Coverage. Obviously we don’t have the video, so instead enjoy this instructional film:

Who Says You Tube Doesn’t Have Any Money

This weekend You Tube will stream U2’s Rose Bowl show free. Who wants to take bets on their server crashing.

Pearl Jam Bootleg App

Bootleg is a strong word since the band has teamed with Verizon for the new Blackberry do-hicky. You’ll get three live tracks from every remaining show on the tour.

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Bri Blahg… Axl Accused Of Ripping Off Germans, Who Gets More Women, Dave or Gene? Music News Round Up 10/7/09

7 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Now Is The Time On Sprockets When We Sue

Guns-N-Roses (Axl Rose Inc) and their record company have been slapped with a copyright suit. German electronic musician Ulrich Schnauss says two of his songs were lifted for “Chinese Democracy.” He wants $1,000,000. Manager Irving Azoff, one of music’s biggest pricks, says his camp vigorously contests. Me? Please don’t make me listen to German electronic music… or “Chinese Democracy” for that matter.

Bonus Coverage. Ulrich Schnauss sounds like a character on the classic TV show “Hogan’s Heroes.” Nothing’s funnier than a German prison camp.

Bon Bon Bon Auf Der Autobahn

Speaking of German electronic music, here come The Kraftwerk remasters.

Bonus Coverage. My gay, alcoholic high school German teacher used to play Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn” for us. Hey you try teaching a bunch of creepy teenagers German with a hangover. That ate up a solid ten minutes of class time. If he was still drunk, he’d whip out the Nina Hagen.

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Bri Blahg… Spitting And Slapping. Music News Round-Up 9/28/09

28 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Please Help Scotland Yard Gospel Choir


Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

The Chicago band was in a horrific van accident last week. They need your help. We’ll keep you posted on the hospitalized member’s conditions as updates become available.

Lady Sov Spits At Doorman, Fined

Is there anything worse you can do to a person than spitting on them? Really I’d rather be kicked in the nuts.

And The Moon Landings Were Faked Too

The album that made Kiss’ career, “Alive” was said to have been recorded at Detroit’s Cobo Hall. There may be some crowd noise on there from Cobo, but trust me, that was a studio creation (as are more live albums than you care to know). Anyway Kiss recreated the recreated “Alive” over the weekend in Detroit and Billboard was there.

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Bri Blahg… Stooges Yes, Kiss Yes, Genesis No… Music News Round Up 9/23/09

23 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Kiss, Peppers, Genesis Head Rock Hall Nominees

Longest shot? Probably Kiss, though in my opinion, their influence on what a rock show can be, is incalculable. That said I think the industry sorts holding those votes have always tended to look down their noses at Kiss. Yes Gene is an insufferable, money grubbing pervert. Yes Paul’s chest hair looks like John Holmes’ sex dungeon shag carpet. Sure Peter Criss couldn’t play. Of course their last great song was recorded in 1977. And my God they’ve treated the only true genius in the band Ace Frehley like garbage……. You know what, just induct Ace.

Also nominated…. Red Hot Chili Peppers (don’t ask me, I spent too many years playing them on the radio. If I never hear another Peppers song, that would be more than fine.) Genesis (yeah I guess you have to let them in, but it would be better in my mind to just induct Peter Gabriel for his far more worthwhile solo career. Phil Collins? Do you remember “Sussidio? The prosecution rests) Jimmy Cliff (yes absolutely), The Hollies (great pop band, who probably deserve more respect than they’ve enjoyed) and LL Cool J (“Mama Said Knock You Out” kicks ass, but I’m not sure his career as a whole has been that weighty, though I’ll listen to arguments)

Returning nominees include The Stooges. I’m not saying another word. I’m on record everywhere as saying The Stooges should not only be in, but have their own building out back. Iggy could live there and we could visit. Instead I give you Bonus Coverage:

Yes, “the kids” do seem to enjoy it.

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Duff McKagan talks Loaded, Velvet Revolver and GNR

18 05 2009

We hopped on the Gibson guitar bus at Rock on the Range to chat with the talented Duff McKagan about his band Loaded, the search for a singer for his band Velvet Revolver, and his favorite song from his old band Guns ‘N Roses.

Rock on the Range gives Midwestern rock fans something to cheer about

18 05 2009

This is the third year for Columbus, Ohio’s Rock on the Range festival, which features 2 days of ear bleeding rock ‘n roll just north of OSU’s campus at Crew Stadium. This is the first year that I’ve attended ROTR, and only the second time I’ve seen a rock show in Crew Stadium (the first was the Doobie Brothers in 2000).

Sean Merinar (@bigdaddymerinar), Cleveland Scene writer DX Ferris and I (@nickjones82) covered the festival for, which meant we landed interviews with all the headlining acts… which was pretty cool. You can check out DX Ferris’ article about the weekend and a wrap up video at, and you can watch longer cuts of our interviews with Motley Crue, Slipknot, Alice in Chains, Duff McKagan, and Fieldy of Korn here.

photo taken on my iPhone

Lets set the scene for the weekend…

About an hour into Saturday, Sean took a stroll and noticed that the ladies of Columbus Gold had gained a small crowd just inside the gates and were giving a little show to the onlookers who’s ages ranged from 10 to 60. Sean said he overheard an older gentleman nudge a young boy (estimated at 11 or 12) and say “Yer first time?”. Right next to the T-shirt stands was trailer owned by a local tattoo shop. After a little liquid courage I imagine a few hundred folks got inked up. Unlike most festivals I’ve been to, there was definite lack of hippies, but that didn’t keep Crew Stadium marijuana free. I never thought I’d be hit with a cloud of pot smoke just as Slipknot dropped the first deafening bass line. The beers inside were all Budweiser products and cost you $8 for a 24oz plastic bottle, but again that didn’t keep the crowd the least bit sober. If most ticket holders were like my two buddies in attendance, they guzzled a bottled of homemade whiskey in the parking lot before scanning their tickets and picking up their two free packs of smokes. My only added recommendation is at least one MMA cage somewhere on the grounds. Warped Tour has skateboarding, Bonnaroo has hoola-hoops, Rock on the Range needs MMA… it’s a match made in heaven.

During most of the weekend I was either in the media tent, doing an interview, or editing video, so I didn’t get to see most of the live performances. I really wanted to catch Clutch‘s set on the Jaegermeister 3rd stage, but no dice. I did get to take in three tunes from Korn‘s set, the very beginning of Alice in Chains, the first half of Slipknot, and Buckcherry‘s last song “Crazy Bitch”. The reaction to that song blew me away. Immediately I noticed men and women singing the lyrics to each other as if it was “their song”. I bet Buckcherry has made a killing off of ringtone sales.

I’ve seen Korn a few times, and I’ve never been disappointed. Saturday’s set was much of the same. As Fieldy put it, they’re going get on stage “play (their) classics and bounce.” That they did.

I had never seen Slipknot live, but my whiskey guzzling buddies have been baptized by the knot more times than they can remember, and they’ve told me its well worth it. It was. Corey Taylor is as good a frontman as I’ve seen, and Shawn Crahan and Chis Fehn are able to double as percussionist extraordinaires and top-bill hype men at the same time. Easily one of the best all around rock performances I’ve seen. The spinning drum kits on hydraulics were pretty f’n awesome too.

In all, Rock on the Range facilitates hard rock music fans with the only opportunity to have the festival experience. Most of the 40,000 strong who attended the weekend won’t be pulling up the RV to the rest of the 120 fests that will take place this summer, but they’ll definitely twitter how much ROTR “was badddd asss!!” (via @SydnayyIsBAMF).