Elvis Perkins talks downloads and Yes

30 06 2009

Elvis was kind enough to chat with us at Bonnaroo 2009 about the spirit of live music, his new record, and his views on downloads, vinyl and compact discs.

During the interview a candid conversation spawned by a Yes T-shirt started between Elvis and recent high school graduate/Bonnaroo photographer Joseph Chapman (fjchapman.com).

Bri Blahg… Bonnaroo Day 4…. What’s Real, What’s Not, and Baby Eating Brits

14 06 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


Elvis Perkins, 12:30pm Saturday, This Tent

Day Four… Morning…. Overcast, warm, humid. Why do I give you a weather report? I’m still traumatized by all the rain Thursday. By talking about the weather I’m fooling myself into believing I can control it. Besides I have worse problems. My van (down by the puddle) needs a jump. I’ve secured cables so it should be fine… unless…. there’s a more serious problem under the hood. So anyway if you have a van with power side doors and back hatch, don’t keep opening them all weekend without starting the engine that’s all I’m saying.

Yesterday was lovely thank you. I hardly recognized Elvis Perkins as he has grown his hair out. That is until he started playing. Calling Perkins an Americana artist is true enough, but there is a lot more going on there. His band is cracker jack too.


Saturday Press Conference

At 1pm I sat in on a press conference featuring Robyn Hitchcock… which would be wonderful in and of itself. At Bonnaroo though they put panels together not unlike Bill Maher. Joining Sir Robyn was Margaret Cho (because we need someone to use the word ejaculate on the same stage as….) Robert Kennedy Junior, Jimmy Buffett, Buffett discovery Ilo and Brett Dennen. We’ll be posting the entire exchange as soon as possible. They chatted about everything from coal companies committing treason (an impassioned RFK Jr.) to eating babies (Robyn Hitchcock, and he was just kidding. If there were any real danger I trust Kennedy to handle it).

more from Saturday at the ‘Roo after the jump…

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Bri Blahg Bonnaroo Saturday And Sunday

8 05 2009

It’s part two of our two part peek at The Bonnaroo 2009 schedule.


If Alejandro Escovedo plays “2am Pissed Off” I’ll be ecstatic. It’s perhaps the most harrowing song about substance abuse ever written. It knocks me over every time I hear it. Escovedo starts my day at That Tent Saturday. We saw Elvis Perkins two years ago jamming in the press tent with Cold War Kids. I’ll never forget it. I hope to catch at least the end of his set in This Tent early afternoon. Robyn Hitchock and The Venus 3 follow Perkins. Officially The Venus 3 includes R.E.M.’s Peter Buck. Will he be in the band that day? We’ll see. Regardless I’ve never seen Hitchcock do a bad show. Many will crowd This Tent late afternoon for Of Montreal, but I can’t resist the charms of Jenny Lewis over at That Tent. Choices must be made.

My evening will commence with Wilco on the giant What Stage before ducking out to see Elvis Costello. The bespectled one has played the ‘Roo before, but never alone. He will in That Tent Saturday. The Decemberists and Mars Volta will pull me apart in geographic and stylistic directions. The evening ends with Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band playing their historic first ever Bonnaroo set. Much like Metallica last year, they’ll be playing for a lot of people who aren’t their hardcore fans. I’m sure The Boss will be up for the challenge.


By noon on Sunday exhaustion will start to set in. I’ll be long and hopelessly caked in ‘Roo grit (unless it rains, then it’ll be ‘Roo mud). Thank God for Ted Leo and The Pharmicists. That’s the band to get me going again at 1:30 in The Other Tent. Hopefully we’ll be interviewing Jessica Lea Mayfield sometime Sunday. We keep getting turned down. We’ll be nice Jessica, we’re fans! Whatever happens I am not missing her after Ted Leo at Cafe Where. Between three and six I’ll be all over the map. A bit of Erykah Badu on What Stage, a dash of Andrew Bird, on Which Stage, a smidgen of Okkervil River back in The Other Tent, and I can’t miss outlaw legend Merle Haggard who takes over This Tent at 5pm.

Most likely we’ll hit the road before Phish’s second show, but not before the spine tingling Band Of Horses and the devastating Neko Case at This Tent.

I hope you can join us, but if not we’ll be all over this thing.