Bri Blahg… New Spoon! J. Lo AMA Fail, Adam Lambert The Leather Liberace.. Music News Round Up 11/23/09

23 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Our Top Story… Not Crap

Listen, after you read the below you’ll understand why I had to lead with news of the new Spoon album and tour.

Bonus Coverage. Spoon waste not want not:

Yawn… American Music Awards… Yay Contrived Controversy

Adam Lambert has everyone frothing over his performance last night. I could give a shit. What was really off putting was that voice. I thought you had to at least be able to carry a tune to win American Idol. Speaking of that, Taylor Swift wins five.

Bonus Coverage. Adam Lambert being all coy:

More Bonus Coverage. Jennifer Lopez fell on her generous posterior during the show. Over at the industry bulletin board Velvet Rope they’re saying J. Lo’s tumble was excised from the West Coast Feed:

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Bri Blahg… Iggy, Jung, and Richard Nixon On The Piano. Music News Round Up 10/14/09

14 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

The Olympics Of Cool

Even if the luge and team short track speed skating aren’t your thing, the music lineup for next February’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver is top notch and surprisingly adventurous.

Weezer Offers Up Ratitude Samples On Itunes

So says Rolling Stone

My New Dream. Renew My Vows With Kim Gordon Officiating

Sonic Youth made their bizarre appearance on Gossip Girl this week. Full disclosure. I’ve never watched Gossip Girl and have no stinking clue what the show is about. I rather like my life that way. It seems there was a wedding and Kim Gordon played an internet certified minister. After the ceremony the band played an unplugged version of “Star Power.” When my wife and I are ready to get all squishy and renew our vows, I want Kim Gordon to do ours too. (editor’s note. Bri has trouble separating fantasy from reality. We’re pretty certain Kim Gordon is not actually an ordained minister.) They’ve done a nice job scrubbing the scene from You Tube, but you can watch it here.

Bonus Coverage. “Star Power” as God intended:

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Bri Blahg… Bonnaroo Morning Day 3… Receding Hairlines and Never Made Tampon Commercials

13 06 2009

 Day three… Morning…. Sunshine! We are ever alert for nasty weather though. Last night a storm was looking to make a direct hit on the ‘Roo before inexplicably turning ever so slightly southward. Who says God hates hippies. The Good Lord should have smited (or is that smooted, smitted, or smothered, diced and covered) Crystal Castles instead. We’ll get to that later. (Oh Ecstasy you are a powerful drug. You can make a tent filled with 4,000 19 year olds believe a band is good)

Spent a few minutes with Portugal The Man front man John Gourley. I figured he was tired of talking about growing up in an Alaskan Cabin, his dad running the Iditorod, and having Sarah Palin as his mayor. Turns out the band’s next album is all about his wilderness boy upbringing. Gourley says the record will certainly shock fans for it’s poppier direction. I’d trust them though, they’re a band on the rise. What I couldn’t get out of young John was why he chose to call the record “The Satanic Satanists.” Perhaps they’re looking for a lifetime ban from Palin’s Alaska. Near as I could tell it’s just a bit of fun. (True story Portugal The Man and Slayer share publicists… hmmmmm) Video coming to most of these stations soon.

Speaking of bands with new albums coming, Alberta Cross have finished theirs. We talked for just a few minutes as I did not want to be the asshole that kept them from seeing The Reverend Al Green. (I was the asshole who kept myself from seeing Al Green as it turns out.) Front man Petter Stakee admitted that his material is a bit downcast. It’s also quite beautiful and he has nothing to apologize for. Big things are happening for Alberta Cross. They’re signed to ATO, opened shows for Oasis earlier this year at Noel Gallagher’s personal request, and are playing Hyde Park in London with Neil Young in a few weeks. Not bad work if you can get it.

A busy interview afternoon behind me, I picked up the camera. We have a bit of live Ani DiFranco video. Ani seemed in good spirits even though she used the “F” word a lot. She’s just never struck me as an “F” word person, but there you go. Byrne’s band was of course tight and he had white clad dancers ripped straight from a 1985 workout video. They looked like extras from a never made feminine hygiene product commercial. I’m sure someone wanted to have one with dancers, but there’s no way that gets off the drawing board in 1985.

Of course The ‘Roo has been abuzz about The Phish shows. The first of two was last night on the main stage and together with Thunder Dan Hoffman we captured video and stills. The rule for video here is the first 60 seconds of the first two songs, and still photos for the first three songs only. For Phish that could be an hour. They kicked off the show with…. ok I’ll come clean, the only Phish song I like “Chalk Dust Torture” (I also love “Truckin'” by The Dead… yeah I’m one of those.) Hey the people were pleased, the band was pleased, and it isn’t all about me. In 2009 there are ways for fellas like Phish to ward off the obvious effects of aging. They have chosen none of those, and presented themselves in all their paunchy, balding glory. The drummer I think was even wearing a mu mu. I have tremendous respect for Phish and mean no disrespect. It seems more like Bonnaroo to have them here.

Racing to That Tent (or was it This Tent) I was just in time to snap some stills of rock’s second all time greatest band from France, Phoenix. Number one of course were Sub Pop recording artists Les Thugs. After Phoenix it’s a short list. Lots of energy from the alt pop sensations. The spirit of Bonnaroo is so positive that even a band of French guys can put aside their haughty contempt and feel the love. Kisses in the air.

Crystal Castles was my next assignment though none of my photos turned out. They were using a seizure inducing strobe light, hoping no doubt to kill their fans. Sorry kids I don’t get what all the stink is about. And I’m guessing that once you come around from all the Ecstasy you ate last night you’ll feel the same.

No more time for negativity though. I have Elvis Perkins, Robyn Hitchcock and more to shoot this afternoon.