Bri Blahg… Twit Tweets Tweet Sized Album Reviews

26 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


Atlas Sound "Logos"

Look, you’re busy. I’m busy. I’ve got to worry about the economy, and figure out how I’m going to hide from mandatory Swine Flu inoculations. I don’t even have time to sue the government, though I suspect I’d like to.

I have a stack of new records to listen to and then write 5,000 words each on why you should: A. Like them. B. Loathe them. C. Not give a shit. Since ‘C’ is the most likely scenario (is not giving a shit a scenario?) I’ve decided to boil down several into 140 words or less. That way you can copy and paste on your Twitter feed. Feel free to take credit for any and all… I’ll be in hiding and they’ll take you away instead. Sucker.

Atlas Sound “Logos”

Deerhunter leader new solo. The cover says much. A shirtless Cox face bathed in heavenly light. Music sounds like that light.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

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Bri Blahg… Jacko Could Heal Hitler And Other Offensive Eye Grabbing Headlines. Music News Round Up 9/25/09

25 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

AEG President Says Jacko Film Vindication

Come on man I surely don’t believe you killed Michael Jackson. Signing him for 50 shows? That’s just putting the gun to your own head and pulling the trigger. “This Is It,” the Zapruder Film of concert flicks got a press roll out in New York Thursday.

Just In Time For Jackson Film… Jacko’s Nazi Fixation

Michael Jackson told a Rabbi he could heal Hitler. It’s all in a new book taken from 30 hours of bizarre ramblings The King Of Pop had with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. I don’t need to read the stinking book now, there’s nothing in there that can top that.

Austin City Limits Set For Huge 35th Season

When we were in Austin for South By Southwest last March we walked by Austin City Limits’ new digs a few times. It looked quite impressive. Equally compelling is their upcoming season. Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Them Crooked Vultures, Elvis Costello, and Willie Nelson head up the list.

Bonus Coverage. Rolling Stone has a profile on Merle Haggard I’m digging this week on my trips to the can. (I have to hide it because Megan Fox is on the cover and I don’t want folks getting the wrong idea.) He’s a true living giant of music. Here’s Merle several years ago on Austin City Limits:

More Bonus Coverage. Rolling Stone recently ran a stunning piece on former Cream drummer Ginger Baker. The Independent in Ireland ran the story as well, but there’s is a more fleshed out version. I had no idea Baker was such a loon…. A genius that’s true, but cream crackers nuts too. I highly recommend you read it.

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Bri Blahg… Music News Round Up 9/8/2009. Your Wallet Better Be Ready

8 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

As I write I’m listening to my new favorite band The Spits. The fact that they’ve been around since the turn of the century means that I’ve wasted many years not listening to them. Bloody hell! If you like The Ramones, Wire, Devo, and The Rezillos then you’ve found your new favorite band too.

Beatles Remasters Out

The Beatles "Abbey Road" Remaster

Back in the 80’s The Beatles were, as I remember it, alone. Every other major artist had seen their catalogs reissued on CD. The Beatles held out until 1987, and with great fanfare released their hallowed albums in digital form. As the years have gone by and mastering technology improved many generations, The Beatles again waited. Today is the day. The newly remastered Beatles have been released along with Beatles Rock Band.

Meanwhile Paul McCartney blames EMI for The Beatles not being available for legal download. Sounds like it will happen soon.

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Bri Blahg… August 19th Music News Round Up

19 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


The Cribs... Now With More Johnny Marr

I was gone a few days and the music news piled up a bit.

By hiring a kid to play drums in his band, Billy Corgan has assured himself he won’t get any back sass. Predictable.

Jay-Z has released the track list for his September album. Hard to believe this will be his 11th.

Rock Band Beatles will have 19 songs from which to choose.

Death Row Records is branching out into movies. The story of a ficticous pro basketball player who sees two bullets end his career sounds intriguing.

I’m sad to report record producer Jim Dickinson has died. He was 67. Dickinson produced a lot of great albums, and two sons who form the core of The North Mississippi All Stars. Dickinson worked with The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, and Bob Dylan, and lent his talents to personal favorites Big Star, The Replacements, Mudhoney, and Lucero.

Tommy Lee managed to burn himself so severely with sparklers that he’ll miss some shows. Brilliant.

Kiss has become the latest to sign a Wal Mart exclusive.

The first of the bands playing CMJ have been announced. My favorite of course is Pissed Jeans.

Katy Perry weighs in on the Lady Gaga is a man deal. Yawn.

Finally… Built To Spill announce details on their new album.

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan you can hear a new track from The Cribs. There’s also a picture of the band with new member Johnny Marr. Guess he’s not in Modest Mouse anymore. At any rate The Cribs are worth your attention.

Siren Fest 2k9: The Headliners

22 07 2009

By Jillian Mapes (@jumonsmapes)

SIREN FEST 007 by PalestraMusic. The Raveonettes Sune Rose Wagner at Siren Fest 2009; photo by Jillian Mapes.

SIREN FEST 007 by PalestraMusic. The Raveonettes' Sune Rose Wagner at Siren Fest 2009; photo by Jillian Mapes.

“Sorry we’re not very talkative; we’re trying to concentrate. We haven’t played in a very long time, and we all live in four different parts of the world,” Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes told the sun-baked crowd Saturday at Siren Fest in Coney Island. In fact, The Raveonettes almost made it to a half-birthday sans live performances, their last show before Siren Fest taking place in L.A. on Jan. 24.

But the time away has not phased the Danish noise-pop duo, who played the second headlining spot at Siren Fest’s main stage. Wagner and bandmate Sharin Foo played a set filled with old favorites including “Aly, Walk With Me” and “Expelled From Love,” both from 2007’s “Lust Lust Lust.” The band’s surf-rock sound seemed a perfect fit for the beach-side setting of Coney Island, though its look was New York cool (Wagner was clad in all white — and in an impossibly hip “Like a Virgin” Madonna tee — and Foo sported all black and *gasp* heels).

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Built to Spill, APTBS rock Siren Fest 2009

20 07 2009

By Jill Menze (@jillmenze)


Ah, Siren Fest. When too many sort-of music fans flock to Coney Island to get sunburnt and drunk (sundrunk?) on the boardwalk. What’s not to love! We personally had a great time, tucked away backstage, eating candy in the artist lounge. Sure, this was my second trek on the Q train this week, but it was worth the agony for some fun in the sun at the Village Voice-sponsored event on Saturday.

This year was much like the past few years — lots of booths with free shit, lots of megaphones hollering about circus freaks, lots of people in line for the Cyclone and 32 oz Coors Lights and hot dogs. Much of the afternoon was spent catching up with friends/publicists/general music folk and waiting on interviews (we talked with Frank Black and Violet Clark of Grand Duchy, A Place to Bury Strangers, the Raveonettes and Monotonix .. video coming!), but I still managed to catch a bit by Micachu & the Shapes and Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit. The former were scrappy and energetic, blending elements of pop, electronic and garage rock into a blast of funky noise, while the latter offered a somber contrast, with songs like “Keep Yourself Warm” off last year’s excellent “Midnight Organ Fight” highlighting the emotive power singer Scott Hutchison brings to the band’s songs.

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Bri Blahg… Pitchfork Festival Preview

14 07 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


The Jesus Lizard

The Pitchfork Music Festival is this weekend at Chicago’s Union Park. As I write Saturday and Sunday are sold out, with just a scant smattering of tickets remaining for Friday.


The only reason I can think of for Friday not being clean is fear…. and for good reason. Malnourished hipsters can only foresee their own death at the hands of the reformed Jesus Lizard. There’s not a front man in music like David Yow. The manic Texan comes off like a Pentecostal preacher assigned to build a church in hell. The fact that they’re one of my favorite bands is not something I want to think about too much. On either side of the Lizard Friday on old people night is another fave of mine Yo La Tengo and the enigmatic Built To Spill. The way the schedule works out we should be able to see all three. Bully for us.

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