Bri Blahg… Tyler In Trouble? Jacko’s Doctor Wants Paid, More Blackroc Leaks. Music News Round Up 11/18/09

18 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Aerosmith Fear For Tyler

As I suspected, band members are very concerned that their (former?) singer is using again. I’ll say this, the Toxic Twin is one passive-aggressive dude.

Jacko’s Alleged Doctor Feelgood Says He May Sue AEG

Doctor Conrad Murray says the producers of Michael Jackson’s ill fated “This Is It” Tour owe him 300 Large. I wonder if he’s on medication for his huge clanging balls.

More Blackroc Tracks Leaked

Pitchfork has the details. If you’re not up on this one…. it’s The Black Keys and a host of hip hop collaborators. The stuff I’ve heard is quite good.

How’s The Record Business Working Out For Ya?

It really isn’t news anymore. The old line record business is a hulking, smoldering wreck. Just ask the geniuses who bought up EMI. Don’t be confused though… Just because lumbering dinosaurs like EMI are sinking into the tar pits, doesn’t mean the music business as a whole is dead. Quite to the contrary, a new, more lucrative model for artists is emerging.

Bonus Coverage. This one goes out to you EMI:

Velvets To Appear At Library

Well it ain’t Max’s Kansas City, but it does sound interesting. Velvet Underground members Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker, and Doug Yule (he replaced John Cale) will be part of a panel discussion on the band and their music at The New York Public Library.

Bonus Coverage. $26 In My Hand:

Jay Z, Will And Jada Pinkett Smith Fund Fela Musical

I’m not much for musical theater myself, but this Broadway production about Nigerian Afro Beat legend Fela Kuti sounds interesting. Some big names financed the project.

“Teacher Don’t Teach Me No Nonsense:”

Faces To Tour Without Rod Stewart

Looks that way anyway. You need Rod Stewart for this don’t you?

New Brian Jonestown Massacre Coming? It Would Seem

You can sample “Who Killed Sgt. Pepper” here. It’s mind bending as you might expect.

Rogue Wave Finish New Record

The album, produced in Oxford, Mississippi with Dennis Herring will be out next March. If it’s as good as their last one I’m in. Good band.

Bri Blahg… Biscuits Alive, Jacko Still Dead, Lady Gaga Bald… Music News Round Up 10/30/09

30 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Foo Fighters Plan Weekend Facebook Gig, People You Haven’t Thought Of In Years Will Watch

Details here on what I believe is Facebook’s first online concert.

Biscuits Alive?

Yesterday it was reported here, and everywhere that Chuck Biscuits had died. Throat cancer said the reports. Turns out it was a hoax. I don’t think the legendary Circle Jerks, Black Flag, DOA, Social Distortion and Danzig drummer had anything to do with it, but we have much yet to learn.

Bonus Coverage. Let’s celebrate life!

Ledger Directed Video Surfaces

Before his death Heath Ledger helmed a clip for Aussie rapper N’fa.

Bonus Coverage:

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Bri Blahg… Gall Stones, And Rolling Stones… Music News Round Up 10/27/09

27 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Springsteen Cousin/Road Crew Member Dies Suddenly

Last night’s show in K.C. canceled after the death of Lenny Sullivan. The 36 year old was Bruce’s cousin and assistant tour manager.

Ailing Clapton Drops Out Of Rock Hall Show

Gall stones have sent the legend to the bench. Springsteen was to appear too, but with Sullivan’s death his appearance may be in jeopardy as well.

It’s Not Funny, It’s Sad

They’re calling it Weezer and Weezy… “I Can’t Stop Partying” is Lil Wayne with Weezer , a track from Ratitude, which drops today. I don’t know what Rivers Cuomo is trying to prove. Is it a cynical grab at Top 40 airplay ala Chris Cornell and Timbaland, a passive aggressive swipe at their record company, or just a big joke? My problem with the whole enterprise is that the only people compromising are Weezer. From Lil Wayne, to Kenny G, to Jermaine Dupri… this is the kind of crap these people churn out. Weezer are the ones purposely embracing plastic, two dimensional, hit radio garbage regardless of their motivations.

Bonus Coverage. This is the saddest day for middle aged musicians since Sammy Hagar recorded “Mas Tequila.”

Morrissey Upgraded To Lonely And Miserable

Doctors say Mozz is doing better after fainting on stage over the weekend. Morrissey you see does not “pass out” he faints.

Bonus Coverage. The first thing they do in a revolution is “hang the dj’s:”

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Paul Marshall: Not splitting up with himself

26 10 2009

By Dan Hoffman (@danhoffman24) and
Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Back in March we chatted up Leeds UK singer/songwriter Paul Marshall. Paul had just finished an encouraging 2008; a year that saw him sign to the Bella Union label and open a few shows for the enchanting Bat For Lashes. For Marshall it was the culmination of a lot of hard work, intense self-doubt, and touring continental Europe with his ski masked industrial metal duo.

As I write Marshall is recording, and says:

The new record is shaping up to be quite a change from the acoustics of Vultures and will feature a lot more instruments, loops, percussion etc and is actually heading down the band route in many ways. It’s not going to be RADICALLY different, i.e. songs like ‘Cross Stitched Lips’ will be on there and ‘We Could Use Your Blood’ will finally get to see the light of day.
It is due to this and the fact that i have a fucking boring name that the name ‘Paul Marshall’ is going to be thrown out and this album is going to be released under a new guise which will be revealed later.

Tim Easton finds comfort in the struggle

23 10 2009

By Dan Hoffman (@danhoffman24)

Tim Easton, is an Ohioan who turned to the road for inspiration. He found comfort in writing, touring, and struggling. Now, he resides in Joshua Tree and we caught up with him on a recent visit to Columbus, Ohio.

Bri Blahg… Smile Jim, Flaming Lips’ Great Gig In The Sky, Hello Lima… Music News Round Up 10/16/09

16 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Lizard King Poses For Fan Picture…. In 1997

Jim Morrison's 1997 Encore

I know your mileage will vary on this one…. I’m a natural born skeptic myself…. That said it’s pretty creepy.

Bonus Coverage:

Flaming Lips To Do Dark Side With Henry Rollins

The follow up to The Flaming Lips new and very Floydish “Embryonic” is ambitious to say the least. The band is planning to cover Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” with guests Henry Rollins and Peaches.

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Passion Pit sell out Newport Music Hall

30 09 2009

By Dan Hoffman (@danhoffman24)

The Newport Music Hall was packed tight with hipsters, college kids, and a few chauches for Passion Pit last night. We first encountered Passion Pit with a much a smaller crowd at The Summit several months ago. Last night, the sold-out crowd at the Newport was lit up by fluorescent neon glow sticks and 32 oz. beers in their blood stream.


As the glow sticks started to fill the air, so did Michael Angelakos’s high-pitched vocals. After a few songs, the crowd was worked into a sweaty frenzy. Angelako addressed the crowd that he had been hit with a few glow sticks and asked everyone to keep it going. “Sleepyhead” took the crowd from a steady vibration to an all-out dance party with no reservations. When “The Reeling” hit the crowd, limbs where flying everywhere. Good or bad, people wear moving their bodies and dancing their faces off to the infectious synth beats. Though it was a short show, about an hour, the crowds endurance could not have danced much longer … at least with that much intensity.  And it was apparent the band’s intensity matched that of the crowd through the whole show. Overall, a great show in deed and a good hormonal release for a few sweaty kids that were making out around me.

Check out our video interview with Passion Pit at Bonnaroo 2009.