Bri Blahg… New Spoon! J. Lo AMA Fail, Adam Lambert The Leather Liberace.. Music News Round Up 11/23/09

23 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Our Top Story… Not Crap

Listen, after you read the below you’ll understand why I had to lead with news of the new Spoon album and tour.

Bonus Coverage. Spoon waste not want not:

Yawn… American Music Awards… Yay Contrived Controversy

Adam Lambert has everyone frothing over his performance last night. I could give a shit. What was really off putting was that voice. I thought you had to at least be able to carry a tune to win American Idol. Speaking of that, Taylor Swift wins five.

Bonus Coverage. Adam Lambert being all coy:

More Bonus Coverage. Jennifer Lopez fell on her generous posterior during the show. Over at the industry bulletin board Velvet Rope they’re saying J. Lo’s tumble was excised from the West Coast Feed:

U2 To Headline Glastonberry

It’s the 40th installment next summer in the UK.

Busta Rhymes… Meglomaniac

He’s calling his new album The Chemo because the music industry is dying of cancer and he’s going to save it or something. I’m sure cancer patients the world over appreciate the sentiment. After last nights American Music Awards he should call the record “Euthanasia.”

Stones Have The Answer

With Susan Boyle turning their “Wild Horses” into a hit, the band has reissued the classic single from “Sticky Fingers.”

Bonus Coverage. You can’t do much bettter than “Sticky Fingers:”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

Slash, Ozzy, Idol, Morello Team For Homeless

The gig was last night in LA.

Sting Grows Beard, Records Holiday Album

Sting Or Burl Ives?


The insufferable Sting has a holiday album out. And you wonder why this time of year is the high water mark for suicides.

Jacko Dr. Feelgood Back To Work

Good, my supply of horse tranquilizers was running low. Meanwhile court records show the good Doctor imported the drug that probably killed Jackson from Vegas baby.

Cyrus Tour Bus Overturns, One Dead

Miley Cyrus was not on the bus. Nine people were, one died.

Hoppus Tweets, Blink Going Into Studio

Blink 182 will record beginning after the first of the year.

Byrne/Roots Come Out For Dirty Projectors

The last of their four night New York stand brought out some interesting guests.

Lupe To Drop Mix Tape

It’s coming out on Thanksgiving. I hope it doesn’t include Yams, I don’t like Yams.



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