Bri Blahg… Matt And Kim Take It Off, Them Crooked Second The Motion, Mozz Invites German To Make Love To Himself… Music News Round Up 11/20/09

20 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Matt And Kim Produce Woodies

As far as awards shows go the MTVU Woodies looked like a good time last night, thanks in no small part to Matt And Kim.

Them Crooked Vultures Not A One Off

The debut is good fun so I’m glad to hear they plan to make another.

Bonus Coverage. I wrote a little review if you’re interested. I have a bit of fun comparing and contrasting T.C.V. with history’s wasteland of Zepp clones. You can read it here.

Death Cab Talking New Album

The Seattle band has won a new legion of fans thanks to “Meet Me At The Equinox” on the New Moon soundtrack. The challenge is to not be defined by brooding teenaged vampires.

Mozz Declares War On Fans

After getting nailed with a beer bottle recently, Morrissey will suffer fools no longer. He had a “fan” removed from a German show this week with prejudice.

Bonus Coverage. Oh Yeah, someone posted the video:

Bruce Plans “Darkness” Box Set

And a DVD is in the pipeline too.

Daft Punk At Yankee Stadium?

Tour dates leaked yesterday. They’re one of those groups that is huge without any real massive mainstream success. Good for them.

Bonus Coverage. That reminds me of NRBQ’s corker “At Yankee Stadium,” which is not available to embed. Bummer. Anyway the cover looks like this:

Green Day To Shoot Video With Idiot Cast

Before “American Idiot” goes to Broadway, Green Day is shooting a clip with the cast for “21 Guns.”

Eminem New Release Clarified

No new album next month. “The Refill” is “Relapse” with seven bonus tracks.

Chris Brown Hasn’t Beaten Up Any Women Lately

Brown appeared before a judge yesterday and got a star on the top of his page.

Boyle Sets Record

The dowdy Brit with the angelic voice is an Amazon pre-sale champion.

Interpol Planning New Album

Their last album was a dud, and the band knows it. In my book the challenge is to top their debut “Turn On The Bright Lights,” which was damn good.

Bonus Coverage. Perhaps you’ve never had the pleasure:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

Does It Matter Even A Bit

It doesn’t to me, but maybe you’re hanging on every salvo fired in the strange Beck/Fiery Furnaces War. I could give a shit.

Stooges To Do “Raw Power” Album At ATP

Not only that, Mudhoney will appear at the Labor Day Weekend 2010 Festival in New York to ramrod through “Superfuzz Big Muff.” Holy Shit!

Bonus Coverage. You’ll find this seminal single on “Super Fuzz….”

Decemberists Animate “Hazards”

The latest album is being turned into an animated film.

Big Star Perform Rare NYC Show

If you were there, you are very fortunate indeed. If you have some room on your wish list, scribble in the new Big Star Box set.

Bonus Coverage. Stream it here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

Charges Dropped In Perez Hilton Assault Case

The Black Eyed Peas manager had to send an apology to Perez. Ahhhhh…. Kiss and make up. By the way, and I don’t want to get punched myself, but did you see Black Eyed Peas on SNL? Bloody hell that was awful.




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