Bri Blahg… Lil Wayne’s Expanding Brood, Winehouse’s Exploding Boob, And Wavves’ Reatard Rejects… Music News Round Up 11/19/09

19 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

(Editor’s note. We apologize. Brian is in a foul mood today. The below reflects his poor attitude. It is so noted in his employee file.)

Looks Like Rod Stewart Will Keep Making His Shitty Nostalga Albums

A law firm just sued “Rod The Mod” for $3.3 Million.

Not Drugs This Time Says Amy Winehouse’s Dad

It’s worse if you can imagine. Mr. Winehouse says his daughter was hospitalized last week after one of her boob implants exploded.

Lil Wayne Guests On Gossip Girl’s Record

Someone named Leighton Meester. I don’t watch Gossip Girl. Apparently she’s on it or something. I don’t care but maybe you do.

Lil Wayne Has Fourth Lil Wayne

Dude… A rubber… Wear one. Lil Wayne has, for the fourth time, fathered an illegitimate child. If you’re scoring with us at home, that’s by four different women, and the second this fall. Sure he has money, but I doubt seriously he’ll be around much for the kids. For one thing he missed the birth due to a “prior engagement.” Asshole.

R.E.M. Begin New Album

You can follow along with video posted on their website.

Bonus Coverage:

STP Cancel Dates To Finish Album

Boys I got news for you, nobody is waiting around for a new Stone Temple Pilots record. Tour, play “Interstate Love Song” for drunk people, get paid. Don’t like it? The truth hurts.

Ozzy Shocked At Sir Paul Refusal

Ozzy Osburne says Beatle Paul politely turned down Ozzy’s offer to play on one of his songs. Who says no to Ozzy? Paul McCartney apparently. Ozzy’s quote in the article is priceless.

Bonus Coverage. You know I love any excuse to get my Sabbath on:

Former Happy Mondays Member Caught Up in Terrorism Sweep…. Wait, What?

You try to follow along. Kids, let that be a lesson to you. If you end up in a drug hoovering band like Happy Mondays…. as their dancer no less, then someday you’ll wake up in jail after hanging out with someone accused of recruiting terrorists.

Pool Parties In Trouble

It was the place to be last summer… even for Jay Z. Now the Brooklyn Pool parties may have no venue.

I Didn’t Know Had A Hipster Section

Wavves now has Jay Reatard’s old band.

Shearwater Ready New Record

The Austin, Texas band, born out of Okkervil River is dropping a new record in February. Matador has a teaser. It sounds lovely.

Sites Selling Beatles Downloads Shut Down

We told you about one of them, Blue Beat, a couple of weeks back. Blue Beat claims ownership of not only the Fab Four downloads, but thousands of other tunes as well thanks to their “psycho-acoustic imaging” process. They were shut down recently pending tomorrow’s hearing. My guess is they’ll be gone permanently and sued into oblivion.




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