Bri Blahg… Steven Tyler More Conflicted Than A Teen Girl, Stooges Destroy, Phish To Usher In Several New Years… Music News Round Up 11/11/09

11 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Before We Get Into The Serious Stuff…

Did you know there was a band called Metallagher? Yeah me neither. They smash watermelons and play Metallica covers. How did I miss this?

Perry Takes To Twitter, Says Aerosmith Will Continue

They’re replacing Steven Tyler he says. Good luck with that. Perhaps they need to have a band meeting because Joey Kramer seems to be out of the loop.

Bonus Coverage. Then again, over on the Velvet Rope they’re saying Tyler appeared at last night’s Joe Perry Project show:

I may just have to shut up about all this. I feel like I’m being played. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Stooges Play First Show With Williamson

Retired computer engineer James Williamson is once again, after 30 some odd years, the guitar player in The Stooges. The band played their first gig over the weekend in Brazil.

Bonus Coverage. “Search And Destroy!” And don’t bother complaining about Iggy having his shirt off, he doesn’t give a shit what you think.

My Morning Jacket On American Dad


My Morning Jacket On "American Dad"


I’ve never gotten into the show for whatever reason though I’m a big Family Guy…. guy. Perhaps I’ll have to check it out.

Jawbox On Fallon Could Lead To Tour

I should hope so. A lot of people complain about Jimmy Fallon’s show, but his musical bookings are dead on more often than not.

Bonus Coverage. The band is celebrating the reissue, in deluxe form, of 94’s “For Your Own Special Sweetheart:”

Phish To Do New Years South Beach Style

It’ll be a three set marathon at The Miami Arena.

Rapper Boosie Going To Prison

Four years for a parole violation.

Speaking Of Prison

Lil Wayne is headed there, but it appears he’ll get his rock record “Rebirth” out first.

Vampire Weekend Make Good On Threats

To release a second album. Don’t get me started on these weenies, but hey, if it’s your thing, go to town as Grandma Phillips used to say.

Marr Joins Cribs For U.S. Tour Opener

He’s on the second album, but it doesn’t appear he’ll do the tour. Spin has a review.




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12 06 2011

Replacing Steven Tyler? HAH! Yeah, that would have gone great…

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