Bri Blahg… Bruce Slates More Album Shows, Tom Waits On Twitter… Music News Round Up 11/5/09

5 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Well That Didn’t Take Long, EMI Sues Blue Beat Over Beatles Downloads


Beatles For Sale... "Abbey Road" on Blue Beat


Yesterday we reported on a site called Blue Beat selling Beatles downloads for a quarter. My spidey sense was heightened. How could they legally sell Beatles songs when all involved parties couldn’t even come to an agreement with Apple. Today EMI sued Blue Beat, but the songs remain available as I write. In fact Blue Beat claims ownership of the recordings they’re selling. How? Read on and shake your head.

Springsteen Announces More Album Shows

“Wild, Willing”/”River” shows coming.

No Doubt Sues Video Game Maker

Activision's Band Hero

It’s over their Avatars in Activision’s forthcoming “Band Hero.”

Bloc Party Front Man Solo

Kele Okereke is cooking it up while the band is on hiatus.

Devo Slam Through “Men” In LA

Damn… I wish I was there.

Tom Waits On Twitter

In Low Side Of The Road Waits didn’t seem to have much use for computers. That said, Waits has just opened a Twitter account.

Decemberist Readies Children’s Book

I think my girls would like “The Demise Of Whitney Rackam.”




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