Bri Blahg… It’s All Smooth Jazz All The Time With Weezer and Kenny G. Music News Round Up 11/3/09

3 11 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Let’s Start With A Reason To Die In Your Sleep

Weezer with Kenny G?

New Releases From Weezer, Slayer, Nirvana Today

Check it out, and what the hell, be different, actually buy a stinking album instead of stealing it.

Site Selling Beatles Downloads, Shopping For Lawyers

I’m pretty sure they haven’t secured the rights… especially to sell them for a quarter a song.

Love Those Unintended Consequences

Just like narcotics, if people want illegal downloads, someone is going to pop up to fulfill their demand. A new study says the closure of Pirate Bay led to a 300 percent increase in….. wait for it….. illegal download sites.

It’s A Shitty Time To Be Lil Wayne

Last week it was the gun rap. Now he’s being sued.

Pearl Jam Raze Spectrum

The Spectrum in Philadelphia got a raucous send off Saturday courtesy Pearl Jam.

Bonus Coverage. Halloween Hijinx:

Kravitz Hides From Record Label In France

I get the feeling from the article they wanted him to work with Timbaland and have Lil Wayne rap in the middle of one of his songs. Rather than acquiesce he became the French Resistance.

This Is It Being Extended

The haul is huge. At this rate Jackson will someday be out of debt.

U2 Breaks Own Record

It was that Rose Bowl show streamed on You Tube.

Dashboard Seek To Please Everyone

If you want their weeny songs quiet or loud, it’s up to you. Isn’t this a great time to be alive?

Fall Out Boy Going On Hiatus

If that bums you out I’m sorry.

Ex-Stone Rose An Alleged Asshole

Police have arrested Ian Brown for allegedly attacking his wife.

Spencer Reissues Coming

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are about to get the ole reissue treatment.

Bonus Coverage. Perhaps the skuzziest band ever, Spencer’s 80’s band Pussy Galore:




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