Bri Blahg… See You At The Movies… Not. Music News Round Up 10/28/09

28 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

This Is It Premieres

The stars turned out in LA. Will I rush out and see it? During football season and The World Series? Not bloody likely.

Or I Could Go To The Killers Movie

Not bloody likely either.

Things Work Out For The Best Says John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones has broken his silence on the aborted Led Zeppelin reunion and says he’s much happier in Them Crooked Vultures regardless.

Bonus Coverage. Likely your last look at Led Zepp:

Jack White Gets It

It’s only been a few months since The Dead Weather premiered, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait. Put out a damn live album. There’s no point in waiting five years between records anymore.

Morrissey Back To Work

He seems do be doing better after hitting the deck over the weekend.

Lilith Fair To Return Next Summer

Nettwerk is producing. They’re not talking about performers yet, but since Sarah McLachlan is their artist, I would suspect she’ll be headlining.

Pulp Reunion? Forget It

That was quick. Yesterday the rumor… Today the dash of said rumor.

Pavement Add Euro Festivals And Shows

NME has the details.

Passion Pit Add Third Terminal 5 Show

One Of These People Is Not In Passion Pit

In January of this year we interviewed Passion Pit at The Summit in Columbus. There were maybe 50 people at the show. One year later they’ll pack out three nights at New York’s Terminal 5. You know what good for them. A. They’re talented. B. They’re good people. Always friendly, never full of themselves. Bully for you Passion Pit.

Bonus Coverage. Here’s my chat with the band at Bonnaroo. Someone took a shit on their luggage. Why would a person do that? No answer:

Cold War Kids Ready New Stuff

It’s an e.p. says NME.




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