Bri Blahg… Gall Stones, And Rolling Stones… Music News Round Up 10/27/09

27 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Springsteen Cousin/Road Crew Member Dies Suddenly

Last night’s show in K.C. canceled after the death of Lenny Sullivan. The 36 year old was Bruce’s cousin and assistant tour manager.

Ailing Clapton Drops Out Of Rock Hall Show

Gall stones have sent the legend to the bench. Springsteen was to appear too, but with Sullivan’s death his appearance may be in jeopardy as well.

It’s Not Funny, It’s Sad

They’re calling it Weezer and Weezy… “I Can’t Stop Partying” is Lil Wayne with Weezer , a track from Ratitude, which drops today. I don’t know what Rivers Cuomo is trying to prove. Is it a cynical grab at Top 40 airplay ala Chris Cornell and Timbaland, a passive aggressive swipe at their record company, or just a big joke? My problem with the whole enterprise is that the only people compromising are Weezer. From Lil Wayne, to Kenny G, to Jermaine Dupri… this is the kind of crap these people churn out. Weezer are the ones purposely embracing plastic, two dimensional, hit radio garbage regardless of their motivations.

Bonus Coverage. This is the saddest day for middle aged musicians since Sammy Hagar recorded “Mas Tequila.”

Morrissey Upgraded To Lonely And Miserable

Doctors say Mozz is doing better after fainting on stage over the weekend. Morrissey you see does not “pass out” he faints.

Bonus Coverage. The first thing they do in a revolution is “hang the dj’s:”

He’ll Call The Band “Liam”

Ex-Oasis front man Liam Gallagher says he doesn’t want to be a solo artist. So now he’s Mr. Democracy. Doubt it.

Killers Ponder A New Low

They’re releasing a cover of “Hotel California.” WTF?

No Way In Hell

Robert Plant’s talks with Glastonberry do not involve a Led Zeppelin reunion. Just put that right out of your mind.

Jarvis Cocker Hints At Pulp Reunion, Joe Cocker Hints At Siezure

Could the clever UK band reunite for Glastonberry? Hmmm….

Bonus Coverage. For my money, Cocker’s “Further Complications” is one of the fab-ist records of the year:

On The Other Hand

I know no one wants to hear this, but I gotta speak my truth. Vampire Weakend is truly one of the shittiest bands ever. Despite my carping, they insist on dropping a new album November 17th. The only reason they’re famous is because for some reason it’s fascinating to people that they graduated from Columbia University. Ivy League people don’t rock, they control the world. That’s what they do.

Bonus Coverage. Need I remind you that Yale is also in the Ivy League?

And No Fall Out Boy Aren’t Ivy League

It’s your fault they have had sufficient success for a greatest hits album. My conscience is clean.

I always preferred Ministry’s approach. They called their “hits” album “Greatest Fits:”

Gibbard/Farrar Assemble For L.A. Kerouac Show

All the Death Cab hype these days surrounds that damn Twilight soundtrack. I rather prefer this project.

Bonus Coverage. A bit of video from the show:

Rare Screening Of Cocksucker Blues

That’s the title of the infamous Rolling Stones film. It can be screened four times a year, but only in the presence of the director. I’ve seen a bootleg though I was very drunk at the time and don’t remember it.

Bonus Coverage. You didn’t get this from me:

Depp To Appear With Babybird?

It’s all rumors at this point.

Chris Brown Figures You’ve Forgiven Him

He tweeted yesterday that his next record will drop just before Christmas. Fuck him.

And On The Same Day

Alicia Keys’ album has been pushed back to December 15th.



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