Bri Blahg… Morrissey Hits The Floor, Weezer Teams With Kenny G, All Coming Up On Cocker In The Morning… Music News Round Up 10/26/09

26 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Morrissey Hospitalized After Collapse

Respiratory problems they say.

Bonus Coverage. Sky News Reports. Assholes Boo. Fox News Does Story On Morrissey In Hands Of Socialized Medicine:

Sublime Reunion Facing Legal Challange

The family and estate of the late Bradley Nowell have issues with the band reforming with a new front man. Meanwhile the newly constituted Sublime made their first live appearance over the weekend.

Bonus Coverage. There sure was a lot of smoke wafting here and there:

Jacko Fan Group Says Flick Covers Up Final Days

You didn’t really expect them to show evidence of Michael Jackson’s dire health straits did you? Well these people did….

Cougar Stalks Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has won a restraining order against at unhinged 48 year old woman…. ESPN’s Steve Phillips wonders aloud if she has a daughter.

I Just Hit My Kanye Limit

I can’t take anymore. Kanye gets community service blah blah blah.

U2 Will Return For Your Money Next Year

Another leg of the “360 Tour” slated for next summer.

Cocker In The Morning

Jarvis Crocker is launching his radio career in January. I would rather enjoy that.

Weezer Jump Shark

Kenny G? WTF.

Metallica Offer Reward

A 20 year old fan was last seen at a Virginia show on October 17th. The band has offered up a $50,000 reward.

Boss Drops Single Onto Itunes

Hopefully “Wrecking Ball” is better than his last album… which was a steamy mound of grunt.

I Should Hope So

Arcade Fire has already made us wait long enough. A new album is in the works says a source.

Los Campesinos! Ready “Romance Is Boring”

It’ll be out February 1.

Dude… It’s “Floyd Like”

That’s how Mastadon describes their soundtrack to the Megan Fox vehicle “Jonah Hex.”

Bonus Coverage. You know what else is “Floyd Like?” Pink Floyd:



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