Bri Blahg… Lil Wayne Pleads, Kanye Wigs, Google Profits, and The World Goes Round. Music News Round Up 10/23/09

23 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Strokes Can’t Agree On New Album Direction

So says Julian Casablancas.

Lil Wayne Enters Guilty Plea

It’s official now. Rather than the eight months reported yesterday, he now hopes it won’t be worse than a year for a New York gun rap.

Talib Says Kanye Has Always Been Kooky

Rap Radar has an amusing panel discussion with Talib Kweli about taking a new artist named Kanye West out on the road. Funny Stuff. I couldn’t get their video to embed so slide on over here.

Keys Unveils New Single AT NYU Forum

The singer/songwriter was speaking to music students at New York University and gave them the first taste.

Bonus Coverage. No video of the new song, but there’s this:

Career In Decline? Better Call Jack White

That’s what Lenny Kravitz says he’d like to do.

Lotus Prep New Album/Tour/Halloween Cover Show

Lots going on in the Indiana electronica/jam band camp including, as always, trippy lights.

Music Is A Supposedly Dying Business, But Everyone Wants In

Facebook and Google plan to ramp up their music efforts. Just by saying that Google’s stock just went up 87 points. If Google said it wanted to sell adds on the sides of giant hot dogs on Mars, their stock would go up.

Hold Steady’s Finn To Adapt Klosterman Book Into Movie

Craig Finn and Late Show writer Tom Ruprecht have purchased the film option on Chuck Klosterman’s outstanding 2001 memoir “Fargo Rock City.” I have high hopes for this gentlemen, don’t fuck it up.




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