Bri Blahg… Them Crooked Vultures To Drop Album, Lil Wayne To Drop Trow. Music News Round Up 10/22/09

22 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Them Crooked Vultures Ready To Drop Record

A single comes next week, the album on November 17th. This entire process has been handled perfectly. The band has avoided empty hype and just played shows.

There’s No Cough Syrup In Prison

In New York City they don’t fuck around when it comes to guns. Ask Plaxico Burress about that. Looking at hard time for his weapons rap it appears Lil Wayne is ready to plea out and do eight months. It’ll help his career I’m sure. If I were the prosecutor I would make a deal forcing Wayne to agree never to release “Rebirth.”

What, Bruce Wasn’t Available?

For opening the new Jets/Giants stadium the wish list of performers was probably two deep. Since Bruce couldn’t do it, it has to be  Bon Jovi. Stupid Jersey people.

Bonus Coverage. Best band from New Jersey that’s not Bruce? Smithereens!

MGMT Say Early Next Year

For the follow up to their 2007 Gold Album “Oracular Spectacular.” The RIAA says that one moved 508,000 units. Very impressive for a young band in this day and age.

Bonus coverage. Dig it deep:

More Bonus Coverage. I’m even more excited to hear it upon learning that Peter Kember of Spacemen 3 produced. One of their albums was called “Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To.” ‘Nuff said:

R. Kelly Has Another Album For The Children Of The World

It’s called “Untitled.” Clever.

Chris Brown Says It’s Not Right To Judge

In this case yes it is asshole. Don’t hit women. Anyway Brown went on Hot 97 in New York yesterday for Phat Jamz and groveling.

Lady Gaga Talks Monster Ball

On Rolling Stone’s website.

Weezer Add Dates

You’ll find them here.

What The Health Care Debate Is Missing

I’m not going to get into an argument with you about this… I just feel that before one can decide where one falls in the great debate they ought to walk a mile in someone elses shoes. A member of Blink 182’s touring crew is looking at a $42,000 medical bill. Mark Hoppus of the band says he’ll match all donations to get it paid off. The experience led Hoppus to weigh in with an op-ed too. Follow the link in the article to donate.

There’s That Damn Horn Again


Wherever I traveled this year… SXSW, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza I kept seeing Andrew Bird’s giant horn of plenty on stage. I never actually saw him play, just the horn. Anyway he’s doing a December tour of churches. The man works hard.

Against Me Finish Vig Produced Record

“White Crosses” is the follow up to 2007’s outstanding “New Wave.”

Bonus Coverage. Against Me on Dave:

Run DMC To Broadway?

The Rock N Roll Hall Of Famers are in talks for a Run DMC production.

Spinto Band Record In Chicken Coop

They’re the only band I can think of off the top of my head from Delaware.

And Finally

Yesterday marked six years since the tragic, and bizarre death of the brilliant Elliott Smith.




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