Bri Blahg… Lil Wayne’s Guns, Motorhead, and Chinese Pop Stars. Music News Round Up 10/21/09

21 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Metallica Aid Search For Missing Fan

She’s a 20 year old Virginia Tech undergrad, last seen at a Metallica concert over the weekend.

Rock Band Beatles Pump Up Video Game Sales

Over a half a million sold.

DNA Hearing In Lil Wayne Gun Case

This is some serious shit for the cough syrup swilling, blunt huffing Atlanta rapper. Just ask Plaxico Burress how they deal with gun pocession in New York City.

Pavement Gather Bands For ATP UK

Quasi, Faust, and The Fall! I love The Fall.

Bonus Coverage. Mr. Pharmacist!

Faith No More Reunion Heading Stateside

I thought it was curious that the band hadn’t planned any U.S. dates. That appears to have changed.

Bonus Coverage. From the underrated “Angel Dust:”

Wolfmother Stockdale Guests On Slash Record

I’m pretty sure that rocks a bit.

Slayer Return To Kimmel

It’s November 5th.

Bonus Coverage. This ain’t their first time:

Rolling Stone Snags Rare Sit Down With Lemmy

Of late Rolling Stone has published compelling profiles of Merle Haggard and Ginger Baker. Add Motorhead’s “Vampire Of Sunset Strip” to the list. Great piece.

Bonus Coverage. I swear to God I saw this clip on MTV one afternoon after school. I used to come home, eat three bowls of cereal and watch. I spilled Count Chocula all over myself with this. I’d never seen or heard anyone like Motorhead. I was hooked.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Itunes Exclusive

Pitchfork has the details.

Remember Evanescense?

Nah me neither. Anyway they’re playing a show.

Julian Casablancas Sets L.A. Residency

It’s four nights in November.

Corgan Gathers Friends To Help Injured Pal

His ad-hoc band includes Mark Tulin of the great 60’s garage band Electric Prunes.

Bonus Coverage. Their biggest hit by far was “I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night” but they had other great tunes too, like “Get Me To The World On Time:”

Twitter Makes This Easy

Starting a celebrity death hoax is nothing these days. Kanye’s demise swept through this week.

Rhianna Readies New Record

It’s coming in November.

Meanwhile Chris Brown Says You Can’t Beat His Next Tour

Slapping the moniker “Fan Appreciation Tour” on the marquee won’t make you forget that Chris Brown is a girlfriend beating asshole will it? I’m the wrong person to ask because I didn’t give a crap about him to begin with.

I Call Bull Shit

Of course Amy Winehouse’s dad want to believe his daughter has been clean for a year.

Elva Hsiao Rocks!

Itunes may soon have a new competitor. Seems Google has been selling downloads in China. I can’t even imagine how heavily censored the service is, but that’s another matter I suppose. Judging from the screen capture Mariah Carey passes totalitarian muster.

Bonus Coverage. Officially sanctioned pop star:

Johnson Concert Film Coming

Eddie Vedder and Ben Harper sit in on “En Concert.”

Mason Jennings Turns It Up

Jennings was afraid he’d be dumped by Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Label after turning in his new record.

Yeasayer Announce New Album

It’ll be out next February.



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