Bri Blahg… Punches, Divorces, and Bad Wigs. Music News Round Up 10/15/09

15 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


Some guy punched Leona Lewis during a UK book signing. Why? Not sure.

Oh My God You Guys

Avril Lavigne has filed for divorce. Isn’t she like 15?

Bonus Coverage. She’s petitioned the court to deny her estranged husband spousal support. That’s ok he doesn’t need the money, he’s in Sum 41. Oh that’s cold Avril.

More bonus coverage. Here’s something to ponder…. Who’s the bigger Canadian music star now? Avril or Anvil?

Bizarro Chart

Some clown named Michael Buble is Number 1. Good for him. Number 2? Kiss! Say what you will, but for some bands the Wal-Mart exclusive is career Viagra. The entire Billboard 200 is here. If you dig down far enough you can find out how much people don’t give a shit about Scarlett Johansson as a singer.

But What About Chris Gaines?!

Garth Brooks says he’s putting on his cowgirdle, and coming out of retirement.

Bonus Coverage. My theory is he’s waited this long to give the public time to forget about Chris Gaines. Think again pardner:

Gaga Announces Tour

Now that the Kanye/Lady Gaga tour was scrapped, she’s announced her own outing, ironically taking Kanye protege Kid Cudi with her.

Rebirth… You Ain’t Kiddin

Apparently Lil Wayne’s Rebirth is turning into a double album blah blah blah. Forget that…. Wayne has, in the past year fathered two children with two different women and is expecting a third by another woman. Folks that’s Shawn Kemp level production.

Bonus Coverage. Shawn Kemp’s top ten dunks as called by the legendary Kevin Calabro. R.I.P. Sonics:

Hi I’m Rivers Cuomo. Please Save Me From Myself

Writing and recording with Timbaland? Lil Wayne? All-American Rejects? All cries for help from Rivers Cuomo I’m quite sure. Now Rivers says he’s working with Katy Perry.

Who Benefits From Kurt Kobain Singing Bon Jovi Songs? The Tax Man That’s Who

That Guitar Hero money will not stay in Courtney’s bony clutches long. It seems Miss Hole owes $300,000 plus in back taxes. Oh, and she’s closed her Twitter account too. To enjoy and understand Courtney’s history on Twitter go to CLTranslated. She’ll be back, Courtney’s like a rash.

Monsters Of Folk Launch Tour

Think of them as a post modern Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young. Spin was there.

Forget Rock Band/Guitar Hero

Lego Rock Band is the thing. They have Iggy, Bowie, and Blur Avatars for crying out loud.

Bonus Coverage:

Chairlift And Passion Pit Do Each Other

Remixes that is.

Early White Stripes Out Takes Coming

NME has the details.

Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox Ready With New Atlas Sound

He’s touring behind the record too.

Tell Em To Pay The Damn Rent

Souljah boy is about to be out on his ass.




One response

16 10 2009

Was there ever a bigger fake rock and roller than Avril Lavigne? And now she’s damaged goods.

I cannot wait for lego rock band, oh god.

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