Bri Blahg… Anka Dances On Jacko’s Grave… Music News Round Up Tuesday October 13, 2009

13 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Jacko “This Is It,” Not New, Not Jacko’s, Not Good

Crooner Paul Anka charges that Michael Jackson stole This Is It from him. Further, as you’ll read in the linked TMZ article, Anka gave the tune to Saffire in 1990. There must have been some merit to his accusation because 24 hours after its release the estate cut Anka in for half. It was either that or kill him too. (Editor’s note: Bri’s mind is a weedy, abandoned back yard of rusty, hulking, moldering conspiracy theories. Don’t get him started. Nod and smile. Walk away slowly.)

Bonus Coverage. Did you know Paul Anka wrote “My Way?” Damn how much is that song worth? It’s like owning the patent for air. I’m sure Anka wasn’t too fond of this cover:

Flaming Lips’ Plan For The Economy. The Flaming Lips Store

It’s only going to be open for a day this week out in LA. “Embryonic” drops today.

Bonus Coverage. Sample away thanks to LaLa:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

Dr. Dre Wants You To Buy A $2,300 Laptop. Good Luck With That

Last week we told you that Dr. Dre hasn’t finished his long awaited new album because he hasn’t felt like it. He’s been busy with this whole laptop thing. Guess he’s a PC.

Simpson’s Creator To Curate UK ATP

This isn’t the first time Matt Groening has curated an All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival. He did so on these shores in 2003 tapping Sonic Youth and The Shins among others. This time he’ll take charge next May in The UK.

Bonus Coverage. My first exposure to Matt was his “Life In Hell” comics I read in Seattle’s late great music rag “The Rocket:”

Life In Hell

Headline We Thought We’d Never See. Nick Cave Apologizes To Kylie/Avril

Cave’s latest novel features a character obsessed with the both of them. Cave says he’s sorry if that’s caused an upset.

Bonus Coverage. This isn’t Cave’s first go around with Kylie Minogue. He did a song with her once as hard as that is to get your head around:

It’s Hard To Breathe With One’s Lips Wrapped Tight Around One’s Crack Pipe

Pete Doherty is in the hospital as he is having trouble drawing breath.

Waits Live Album Coming

Glitter And Doom is his first live outing since “Big Time.” Disc one is music, disc two… stage banter. Waits is a wickedly funny man so I’m sure that’ll be a kick. RCA did that with Elvis back in the 70’s, and Bob Pollard put out a stage speak album a few years ago too, but I’m sure this one will actually make sense. Love you Bob you drunk you.

Bonus Coverage. Might I suggest a book? This past spring I read “Low Side Of The Road,” Brit writer Barney Hoskyns’ valiant effort to tell Waits’ life story. Waits is a difficult subject to say the least. For one thing you have to get around his very protective wife Kathleen Brennan. One of the more bizarre anecdotes in the book is the story of Bob Seger picking up Waits by the side of the road one random afternoon.

Peter Hook Calls Morrissey a ‘Twat’

That’s really it. Read about it here.

Pavement’s Spiral Stairs Dropping Solo Record

NME has the details.

Julian Says New Strokes Will Be ‘Thin Lizzy Meets A-ha’

Thin Lizzy should never meet A-ha, but there you go.

Bonus Coverage. Thin Lizzy not meeting A-ha. Imagine you’re just a regular Joe out for a pint with the lads on a random Tuesday and friggin Thin Lizzy sets up. I have no idea who got this footage. A few months later Phil Lynott would be gone. Wicked:

R.I.P. Dickie Peterson

Blue Cheer founding member Dickie Peterson has succumbed to cancer. He was 61.

Bonus Coverage. Depending on your world view you can credit/blame Blue Cheer as one of the founding fathers of metal. You certainly couldn’t have the vaunted “Seattle Sound” without them. Try to listen to a Mudhoney record without thinking of Blue Cheer. Here they are in 1968:

R.I.P. Brendan Mullen

The ground breaking L.A. punk promoter passed away over the weekend. He was 60.

Gather ‘Round For Sufjan’s Existential Crisis

We’ve all been there right. Asking ourselves ‘what’s the point?’ Well that’s where Sufjan Steven’s head is at.

A Much Better Use Your Tax Dollars Than Another Fucking Death Ray

NPR’s latest gambit is bringing musicians together under the guise of writing a song in public. Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie and J. Robbins of the soon to reform Jawbox knocked creative boots recently.

You Know What’s Fun? Storming Off The Stage Stories!

Hope Sandoval was having monitor problems last night at The Bowery Ballroom in New York.

Bonus Coverage. My favorite thing Hope Sandoval ever did was her guest vocal with Jesus And Mary Chain. I wonder if Dave took her up to his lair?

Talking Heads “Stop Making Sense” Coming To Blu-Ray

If anything will push me into upgrading it’ll be this. Great movie!

Bonus Coverage. Many bands benefited from video back in the 80’s, but few embraced the form as enthusiastically as Talking Heads. Here’s the movie’s trailer as it aired 25 years ago:




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