Bri Blahg… Phish Hit Road, Boss Closes Stadium, Kanye Heads To India. Music News Round Up 10/12/09

12 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Boss Closes Down The Joint

The “joint” would be Giants Stadium. Bruce and The E Street band crammed “Born In The USA” into their three plus hour set Friday night. It’s the final ever show there as the old albatross faces the wrecking ball soon.

Bonus Coverage. A fan request for The Stones “The Last Time:”

First Song From Beck/Gainsbourg Project Out

Spin has a link to the Beck and Charlotte Gainsbourg free download.

Phish Announce Fall Tour


Trey Anastasio Of Phish At Bonnaroo 2009 by Brian Phillips

It’s mainly East and Midwest at this point.

It’s That Hindu That Kanye Do

Now that Kanye West’s tour with Lady Gaga has been scrapped, NME reports he’s going to a Hindu retreat.

Oops.. Method Man Allegedly Forgets To Pay Taxes

He’s been arrested.

New Jacko Single Drops

“This Is It” hits radio/online Monday.

Fiddy And Friends Have Fiddy Fest…. By The Sea Shore

50 Cent says he’s taking this sucker on the road too.

Keys Ready To Drop “The Element Of Freedom”

It’s coming in December.

Soulja Boy Arrested

For being annoying? Nope not this time.

Pulp Reissues Coming To America

Jarvis Cocker’s band were always a much bigger stink in England, so I am pleasantly surprised Universal will release their deluxe editions over here. I know you didn’t ask, but as far as I’m concerned Cocker’s latest solo endeavor “Further Complications” was one of this year’s best records.

Bonus Coverage. My favorite Pulp song “Trees.”

Anvil Doc Aiming For Oscars

I haven’t seen it yet, but friends rave about “The Story Of Anvil.” The film’s producers believe they have a shot at at least one Oscar. Not bad for a washed up metal band from Canada.

Priest Screamer Doing Holiday Album. No This Is Not The Onion

Spin talked to Judas Priest front man Rob Halford about his upcoming Holiday album. Strange. The final frontier I guess would be Ronnie James Dio doing one. The gauntlet is thus laid.

Bonus Coverage. Dio is friggin hilarious. In this clip he’s torturing Pac Man players with electro shocks:

Grizzly Bear Going Deluxe

Jay Z’s favorite band is dropping a two disc version of Veckatimest next month.

Arcade Fire Husband/Wife Do Film Score

It’s for Richard Kelly’s The Box.

Devandra Finds Freedom With Major Label

In today’s ass backwards music industry, Devandra Banhart says Warner Brothers were the only people willing to let him do whatever the hell he wanted. Money Quote courtesy

Warner Bros. executive VP of marketing Diarmuid Quinn says that signing Banhart was as much about “having him in the family because of his sensibilities” as the specific material he brought to the table. “There are some artists who are more commerce-driven than others, who have more mainstream success, and then there are some artists who are just brilliant who we need to have here to keep a certain artistic sentiment thriving, and Devendra fits that perfectly,” Quinn says. “He’s a true artist, his music is genius, his visual art is incredible.”

The Warner Brothers family of labels were, in their day, home to all manner of unique artists. Hopefully they’re recapturing that spirit.

Bonus Coverage. Captain Beefheart had, by my count, five albums for Warner imprint Reprise. The first, “Trout Mask Replica,” is quite possibly the strangest album ever released on a major label. “Frownland” was track one:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 responses

12 10 2009

Unfortunately, the Trees is from We Love Life. And that album ain’t coming to America

2 11 2009


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