Bri Blahg… Mission Of Burma and No Age Drop Some Noise On My Head Thank You

12 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


Mission Of Burma's "The Sound The Speed The Light"

Mission Of Burma “The Sound The Speed The Light

Mission Of Burma didn’t reunite seven years ago for money. Relatively speaking there probably isn’t much of that. Praise? I doubt it. They’ve always had plenty of the critical nature. There wasn’t really any unfinished business per se. The band’s output since ending their 20 year break has been great, but not what I’d term a great leap. As they were in 1981, Mission Of Burma are still the best game in town if you’re looking to split the difference between artiness and ass kicking. Dropping last week on Matador “The Sound, The Speed, The Light” is more than anything else a reaffirmation of what makes Mission Of Burma so damned great.

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No Age's "Losing Feeling" e.p.

No Age “Losing Feeling” E.P.

I think about No Age a lot like I think about Sebadoh. Both tour/toured like dogs, but never seem to put much thought into the live presentation. That’s not to say they were awful shows, just disappointing in light of how consistently great their records are.

No Age’s all too brief Losing Feeling e.p. will do nothing I’m sure to change that. Glorious noise shoots, careens, and bounces all over the place. It’s as loud and disorienting as it is pretty, and for the So Cal duo, probably impossible to pull off live.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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