Bri Blahg… “Kiss Piss.” It Just Rolls Off The Tongue Doesn’t It. Music News Round Up 10/9/09

9 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Lady Gaga Wants You To Buy Her Debut Again For The First Time

It does have eight new tracks if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bonus Coverage. Lady Gaga pre-fame. If I were a girl I would say she looked like that one chick on your dorm floor who would get really drunk and sleep with your boyfriend then deny it the next day in the dining hall:

There’s A Gene Simmons In Depends Joke In Here Somewhere, But I’m Too Lazy To Find It

Rolling Stone reports on the arrest of a Kiss concert goer. He’s been accused of pissing on someone during the show. Don’t give Gene any ideas. You think he’s above bottling his urine and marketing it as “Kiss Piss?” No he is not.

Can I Buy Tickets For The Oasis Reunion Tour Yet?

Do you really believe Oasis are done? Yeah me neither. Anyway here’s what Liam says he’s doing next.

Radiohead Will Continue To Make Albums. I Will Continue To Wish They’d Make Good Ones

Ed O’Brien says don’t believe Thom Yorke, he’s a lying sack of crap.

South Park Keep Jacko Alive

It was on their latest episode Dead Celebrities. It’s not news, it’s an excuse to watch South Park at work. Bully!

Guy Ritchie Calls Madonna A Name That Does Not Rhyme With Tank

Ritchie says he loves ex-wife Madonna, but she’s retarded. That’s not nice.

Here’s A New One

I appreciate the honesty actually. Dr. Dre says his forthcoming “Retox” album has been delayed because he doesn’t feel like working on it.

Iggy Talks Stooges

It’s a wide ranging discussion with The Metro Times … James Williamson going from retired engineer to The Stooges, The “Raw Power” deluxe edition, and missing Ron Asheton.

Pitchfork Poops Pants Over Animal Collective

They just had a seizure at Pitchfork’s Chicago office. Animal Collective might release a new album in December.

Meanwhile Bri Poops Pants Over Peel Set

The October 26th release rounds up the best of four decades of BBC John Peel Sessions.

Bonus Coverage. So many artists feel a great debt to the now late John Peel. He was a true champion of new music. A year before her debut album PJ Harvey cut this version of her flamethrower “Sheela-Na Gig” for airing on Peel’s program. It’ll be included in the set:

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