Bri Blahg… Axl Accused Of Ripping Off Germans, Who Gets More Women, Dave or Gene? Music News Round Up 10/7/09

7 10 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Now Is The Time On Sprockets When We Sue

Guns-N-Roses (Axl Rose Inc) and their record company have been slapped with a copyright suit. German electronic musician Ulrich Schnauss says two of his songs were lifted for “Chinese Democracy.” He wants $1,000,000. Manager Irving Azoff, one of music’s biggest pricks, says his camp vigorously contests. Me? Please don’t make me listen to German electronic music… or “Chinese Democracy” for that matter.

Bonus Coverage. Ulrich Schnauss sounds like a character on the classic TV show “Hogan’s Heroes.” Nothing’s funnier than a German prison camp.

Bon Bon Bon Auf Der Autobahn

Speaking of German electronic music, here come The Kraftwerk remasters.

Bonus Coverage. My gay, alcoholic high school German teacher used to play Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn” for us. Hey you try teaching a bunch of creepy teenagers German with a hangover. That ate up a solid ten minutes of class time. If he was still drunk, he’d whip out the Nina Hagen.

Hey Look What We Found!

Free money that’s what. It’s amazing what can be found after a famous person like Michael Jackson dies.

Kiss Pinch Off “Sonic Boom”

Yeah that’s just one of the new albums out today. Me? I direct you to new music from Lucero, Mission Of Burma, No Age, Massive Attack, Built To Spill, A Place To Bury Strangers, and The Raveonettes.

Bonus Coverage. I wonder who gets more chicks…. Gene or Dave?

It’s True And We Have Proof

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke really has a new solo band that includes Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Spin was at Echoplex in Los Angeles last night for their inaugural gig.

Animal Collective Reissue Causes Pitchfork Hernia

Who else is going to report on this?

Devandra Banhart To Tour

Filter has the details.

Yeah Who Needs ‘Em

Jay Reatard reports via Twitter that his band quit. He says they’re all a bunch of rich kids anyway.

Pixies Kick Of “Doolittle” Residency

The Brixton Academy was the the place.

Pavement To Curate UK All Tomorrow’s Parties

Curate is a fancy pants way of saying they’re going to call up a bunch of bands they like and ask them to play.



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