Passion Pit sell out Newport Music Hall

30 09 2009

By Dan Hoffman (@danhoffman24)

The Newport Music Hall was packed tight with hipsters, college kids, and a few chauches for Passion Pit last night. We first encountered Passion Pit with a much a smaller crowd at The Summit several months ago. Last night, the sold-out crowd at the Newport was lit up by fluorescent neon glow sticks and 32 oz. beers in their blood stream.


As the glow sticks started to fill the air, so did Michael Angelakos’s high-pitched vocals. After a few songs, the crowd was worked into a sweaty frenzy. Angelako addressed the crowd that he had been hit with a few glow sticks and asked everyone to keep it going. “Sleepyhead” took the crowd from a steady vibration to an all-out dance party with no reservations. When “The Reeling” hit the crowd, limbs where flying everywhere. Good or bad, people wear moving their bodies and dancing their faces off to the infectious synth beats. Though it was a short show, about an hour, the crowds endurance could not have danced much longer … at least with that much intensity.  And it was apparent the band’s intensity matched that of the crowd through the whole show. Overall, a great show in deed and a good hormonal release for a few sweaty kids that were making out around me.

Check out our video interview with Passion Pit at Bonnaroo 2009.




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