Bri Blahg… Dylan Sells Out To Bankers, Diddy Is The Banker, Kanye Does The Chicken Fit. Music News Round Up 9/30/09

30 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Dude Palo Alto ’73

You ever heard of Wolfgang’s Vault? Nah me neither. If you’re a hardcore Dead Head you probably have. With legal issues straightened out a trove of good (Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Aretha Franklin, Lou Reed, Ramones, etc) bad (Chicago, Hall and Oates) and Weird (Twisted Sister?) are hitting the virtual market.

Bonus Coverage. I’ll be honest, up until a couple of years ago I wasn’t much for The Dead. Then I saw Phil Lesh at Bonnaroo (no there were no drugs) and something clicked. Am I hardcore? No I wouldn’t say that, but I’m digging the stuff I bought for the Ipod… The Skull and Bones record etc. One of my favorites is their take on Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried”:

Dylan Sells Soul To Satan

Billboard reports Bob Fucking Dylan has signed a deal with Citibank. That’s terrible. Is Citibank going to pay him with bailout money? Rewards program members can use their points to download Dylan’s upcoming Christmas album “A Very Awkward Christmas.” Bloody hell.

Diddy Signs Agreement To Remain Famous For No Particular Reason

I know that’s not fair, it just seems that way. After leaving Warner Brothers after dropping but one album, Diddy has signed to Interscope.

Bonus Coverage. I ain’t much for Diddy, but I’ll take Bo Diddly thank you:

Chris Brown Beats Down New Track

It’s called I Can Transform Ya. Insert you’re own “Transform your face joke” here.

Coroner Issues DJ AM Findings

Accidental overdose.

Paramore Singer Loses Battle With Sicky

Hayley Williams has been a bit under the weather. Last night was the first night of Paramore’s tour. After 37 minutes her voice was gone. It actually turned out pretty cool though as the band led a sing-along.

Paramore And More… New Albums Out Today

Alice In Chains and AFI too.

Bonus Coverage. New Alice In Chains. Not Bad. The new guy and Jerry Cantrell… sound like Jerry and Layne. Guess that’s the point:

I Swear Jay Z Is Turning Into A World Leader

It’s news when he so much as talks to someone. In this case it’s former Stone Roses front man Ian Brown. When Jay Z farts, you decide.

I Swear Kanye Is Turning Into A Punchline

The latest is his backstage fit over the lack of Chicken at a charity show.

Bonus Coverage. Professionals don’t let things like chicken get in the way of their performance. They “rise above it.”

How Bad? “Fucking Bad”

Meanwhile Lady Gaga says Kanye still feels bad and stuff about the whole Taylor Swift thing and stuff. Is it just me or does she come across as kind of a dope….

Acclaimed Bowie Tour Headed To Double Disc Set

It was 2003’s “Reality” Tour. I saw it. Amazing! Here’s the details.

McCartney At Citi Field Too

DVD and CD set in November.

Phish Torture Fans With Halloween Album Cover Show Hints

I don’t see them covering Rage Against The Machine… Zappa? Yeah I could see that. Here’s the scoop. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, MGMT, Stones? Who knows.

Britney Sings About Threesome

She’s icky.

Bonus Coverage. Sample lyric:

“Three is a charm/Two is not the same/I don’t see the harm/So are you game?”. Sure why the hell not. Can I leave the game on?

More Bonus Coverage. You know who I haven’t thought about in awhile? K-Fed. Is he dead?

Berry Sits In With Ex-R.E.M. Mates

The occasion was a gig featuring The Minus 5 and Steve Wynn. Both are brilliant! R.E.M. misses Bill Berry, his arranging sense is something the band has never replaced.

Why Don’t You Change My Diaper While You’re At It

Maybe it’s the ‘Merican in me, but I’ll choose what volume to listen to my Ipod at thank you. The European Commission are considering new rules governing Ipod/Mp3 player volume levels.

RJD2 Readies Next Record

We’re based in Columbus, Ohio and right proud of our former neighbor.

Daniel Johnston Gets Iphone App

The outsider music legend is dipping his toe in mainstream culture. Many years ago Johnston actually put out an album on Atlantic produced by Paul Leary of The Butthole Surfers.

Bonus Coverage. Henry Rollins and a lobotomized beauty school student introduce you to Johnston:

Good Luck Getting Tickets

Echo And The Bunnymen are playing New York’s Mercury Lounge on October 17th. That guest list will be so exclusive several members of the band may not even get in.

Bonus Coverage. I probably already used this a couple of weeks ago, but fuck it, I’m doing it again because it’s so bloody amazing:

And Finally Tonight

Jimmy Fallon had the reformed Sunny Day Real Estate On Last Night. Bully!



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