Gig Guide: Tuesday September 29, 2009

29 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Easter in Burbank. My arm kept getting longer.

Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan thinks visually….

He doesn’t compare his new album “Dear Lover” to over musicians, but rather films…. Ryan calls it “A Very Long Engagement, Cinema Paradiso and Raging Bull.” Visualize yourself at Schubas in Chicago… Tonight’s show is early and Ryan performs promptly at 8pm.

What a night in D.C. tonight… You can see U2, or Lady Gaga at the 9:30 Club… if you got that kind of money.

I think you’ll end up having a way better time taking stunning South African band Blk Jks instead… and it’s only $10 at The Black Cat Backstage in Washington Tuesday.

Take The Rural Alberta Advantage at their name.

The indie folk band say they’re inspired by growing up out in the wilds of the lovely province of Alberta, Canada. Tonight the band are far from home at Tasty World in Athens, Georgia.

And you’d best snap up a Deer Tick “Coors Light” parody T-shirt.

That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. I’m sure they’d sell you one tonight at The State Room in Salt Lake City.




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