Bri Blahg… Frilly Sleeves, Snake Handlers, and The Case Of The Missing $199. Music News Round Up 9/29/09

29 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Is Thom Yorke Funky? We’re About To Find Out

Billboard says Flea has been enlisted to play in The Radiohead man’s solo band. First gigs are next week in LA.

The Quest For The Holy Umlaut

Jack Black and Ozzy are among the stars in an upcoming metal based video game. Also appearing, Lemmy and Rob Halford from Judas Priest.

Bonus Coverage. Have you ever seen Rob Halford pre bondage motorcycle gear? Now you have:

Nice sleeves right?

No Frilly Sleeves Here

Slayer has posted their punishing new track “World Painted Blood.” It’s a six plus minute report from the front lines of hell on earth complete with paranoid diatribes on disease and totalitarian parallel governments. I get why some are frightened and others offended by the So Cal trash legends, but you have to respect their honesty. They’ve never wavered from their vision and recorded a silly party song with Lil Wayne (next story please).

Weezer Do The Mid-Life Crisis

Early in their career Weezer wrote about their sweaters, and then helped cast the mold for emo with Pinkerton. Staring 40 in the face, Rivers Cuomo decided it was time to record a party anthem and invited Lil Wayne to guest. I get the feeling everything Weezer does from here on out will be a put-on. Their record company begs them for hits and “Can’t Stop Partying” strikes me as a passive aggressive, “be careful what you ask for stunt.” I do know this, I spend way too much time thinking about this shit.

Boss To Perform Full Albums

His Giants’ Stadium gigs this week will feature full performances of “Born To Run,” “Darkness On The Edge Of Town,” and “Born In The USA.” What no Nebraska? Probably not the album for a stadium gig.

Bonus Coverage. My favorite song from “Nebraska” is “Johnny 99.”

Beatles Inspiration Passes

She was “Lucy” as in “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” It’s a cute story. Young Julian Lennon brought home a drawing he made of a classmate named Lucy O’Donnell and told his father the sketch was called “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.”

All I Want For Christmas

The other day we told you about a countdown clock on AC/DC’s website. It served as the time remaining until AC/DC separated me from $199. Bastards. It will be under the tree at Christmas or else. I’ve been a good boy this year.

Bonus Coverage: Holy Shit, it comes with a working AC/DC amp! Seriously if I felt I had no reason to live, this would keep me alive:

Told You! Told You! Awesome!

Kayne To Rehab After Tour With Gaga

MSNBC (quoting a bunch of tabloids) says Kayne West will hit the dry-out after touring with Lady Gaga.

Amy Winehouse Skips Rehab (No No No) Flies In Faith Healer

What kind of world is it we live in when a crack skank like Amy Winehouse has so much money it’s nothing to her to stuff a Caribbean faith healer onto a plane and fly him all the way to the UK. His calling is to heal Miss Winehouse of her coke addiction. I’m laying 2/1 that the good minister ends up a junkie within three days of his visit. She’s the devil! Run away! Run away! What Amy really needs at this point are Alabama snake handlers.

Bonus Coverage. Alabama Snake Handlers:

He’s Healed!

Live Nation is the God of Marilyn Manson’s world. They say reports he has the Swine Flu are filled with bogosity.

Yes Dear

Seeing how film maker Sofia Coppola is dating Thomas Mars of Phoenix (in fact they have a kid) it makes sense that the band will be doing some music for Coppola’s “Somewhere.”

Death Set Member Passes

Details are scant as yet.

Shins’ Mercer Forms Band With Dangermouse

Broken Bells is their working name, though that could change. They’ve signed with Columbia.

Mogwai Plans Next Record

I’ve never been a huge instrumental rock guy. That’s because the form usually falls to wankers like Joe Satriani and the repulsive Yngwie Malmsteen. Scotland’s Mogwai for me have always been an exception. They’re fantastic.

Bonus Coverage. Mogwai music:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod



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