Bri Blahg… Jacko Could Heal Hitler And Other Offensive Eye Grabbing Headlines. Music News Round Up 9/25/09

25 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

AEG President Says Jacko Film Vindication

Come on man I surely don’t believe you killed Michael Jackson. Signing him for 50 shows? That’s just putting the gun to your own head and pulling the trigger. “This Is It,” the Zapruder Film of concert flicks got a press roll out in New York Thursday.

Just In Time For Jackson Film… Jacko’s Nazi Fixation

Michael Jackson told a Rabbi he could heal Hitler. It’s all in a new book taken from 30 hours of bizarre ramblings The King Of Pop had with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. I don’t need to read the stinking book now, there’s nothing in there that can top that.

Austin City Limits Set For Huge 35th Season

When we were in Austin for South By Southwest last March we walked by Austin City Limits’ new digs a few times. It looked quite impressive. Equally compelling is their upcoming season. Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Them Crooked Vultures, Elvis Costello, and Willie Nelson head up the list.

Bonus Coverage. Rolling Stone has a profile on Merle Haggard I’m digging this week on my trips to the can. (I have to hide it because Megan Fox is on the cover and I don’t want folks getting the wrong idea.) He’s a true living giant of music. Here’s Merle several years ago on Austin City Limits:

More Bonus Coverage. Rolling Stone recently ran a stunning piece on former Cream drummer Ginger Baker. The Independent in Ireland ran the story as well, but there’s is a more fleshed out version. I had no idea Baker was such a loon…. A genius that’s true, but cream crackers nuts too. I highly recommend you read it.

Hey Kids, Amy Winehouse Is Here!

Holy Shit, it’s really true. Amy Winehouse was given money to start a record label and her first signing is this poor innocent 13 year old girl. Child abuse! Bonus… Apparently the kid is her Goddaughter.


This is a bummer. Rhino Records is in trouble. Today they laid off a few dozen employees. Sources say times are as hard there as anywhere. Throughout their history, Rhino has done a bang up job making sure important albums and artists were not only in print, but given a deluxe presentation.

Bonus Coverage. Rhino is owned by Warner Music Group. One commenter on Velvet Rope put it best:

Meanwhile, WMG gives deals to Perez Hilton and Spencer Pratt. And we wonder why the music biz is in the shitter? True that.

UK Music Giants Back “Three Strikes Proposal”

The proposal would mean you’d lose your broadband if nailed three times for illegal file sharing. Radiohead, Blur, and Lily Allen all support it. Here in America I’m certain the RIAA is following developments closely. Their solution might be to have people shot though.

Ryan Adams Gallery Debut Last Night, Mandy Moore Didn’t Dress Him

Kudos to Adams, who despite writing hundreds of songs everyday and being married to Mandy Moore, he still has time for painting.

Bonus Coverage. Adams showed up attired in a Kreator T-Shirt. Wicked:

Blur’s Albarn To Head Up Olympic Opening Ceremony?

NME says Albarn is in talks to take on the huge task. Hey make the opening ceremony a Blur concert and I’ll be happy.

Who’s Who Of Hip Hop Gather For Def Jam Tribute

The concert will air on VH-1.

Jay Z On Oprah

Yawn. Look I know my place. Anytime Jay Z breaths, or even takes a shit we have to report on it right.

Jay Z Uses Power For Good

At least he’s taking N.E.R.D. and Wale out with him on tour.

Mos Def Making Documentary On Punk Band

The band was called “Death,” not be confused with the Florida Black Metal band of the same name. It actually sounds like a very interesting story. Four African Americans from Detroit playing Stooges style proto punk circa 1971.

Mayer Leaks New Single

The Song comes from his forthcoming “Battle Studies.”

Travis Duo Tour U.S./Write Album

Travis always aim straight for the heart, which bugs some people I guess. You can’t deny that Fran Healy can flat out sing. Here’s what Healy and band mate Andy Dunlop have going on.

Bonus Coverage. ‘Bri we don’t believe you.’ Fine check out “Re-Offender” by Travis:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

Built To Spill Announce Tour

The new album comes October 6. They’ll head out behind it two days later.

Faces Plan Reunion Shows Without Rod Stewart.

What’s the point really? They’re using the dude from Simply Red, somebody named Georgie Fame, and a Spice Girl. WTF? Well it is for charity so perhaps I should lighten up.

Bonus Coverage. This is pretty amazing footage from 1971:




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