Gig Guide: Thursday September 24, 2009

24 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson … Dan Wilson… where do I know that name?

You know his work…. “Closing Time” by his band Semisonic was a big hit… He’s written for The Dixie Chicks among many others. Dan Wilson is performing in his hometown of Minneapolis at The Acadia Cafe tonight.

Did you know they serve beer at Chuckie Cheese’s? Hey if you’ve ever been in one of those joints you know why they serve beer at Chuckie Cheese’s.

Weird Paul’s song “I Got Drunk A Chuck E Cheese” is all about that. It could be one of the songs he plays tonight, but he has over 600 to choose from so who knows. Weird Paul is at The Lava Lounge in Pittsburgh tonight.

This is unbelievable… $7 bucks for three legit headliners tonight in Chapel Hill.

Ernie Halter , Curtis Peoples , and Keaton Simons are appearing together tonight and they could charge more, but they aren’t. Thursday’s show is at The Cave in Chapel Hill.

Former Meter George Porter Jr. is always working…

If he’s not touring with Porter, Batiste, and Stoltz he’s cutting sessions with the likes of Paul McCartney and Tori Amos. Tonight Mr. Porter gathers The George Porter Trio for an intimate night of music making at The Maple Leaf in New Orleans.

Tucson singer/songwriter Leila Lopez says she’s inspired in part by insomnia.

Her beloved guitar is always within arms reach, and she’s often cradling it at three in the morning. She doesn’t get a lot of sleep, but puts those wee hours to use. Catch Miss Lopez tonight at Plush in Tucson.

California punk a billy trio The Faraway Boys started at the bottom.

They cut their teeth as a band four years ago busking on street corners, learning first hand how to perform in front of an audience. They learned their lesson well, and today are an in demand west coast headliner. That’s where you’ll find them, at The Cretin Hop in Spokane tonight.




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