Bri Blahg… Music News Round Up 9/24/09

24 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Pearl Jam Don’t Need No Stinking Label

The band is headed for their first number one in over a decade.

AC/DC Counting Down To Something

My guess is they’re going to being selling their own downloads (which aren’t officially available anywhere) and perhaps house rare video too. Anyway it’ll appear here on 9/29.

Is It Just Me….

Or does the fact U2 spend $750,000 a day to keep their tour on the road leave you with an empty feeling?

Of Course

MTV will air their drug intervention series starring the now late DJ AM who tragically died of a drug overdose recently. I’ll reserve judgment for now. I’m hoping MTV handles it with class…. I’m not holding my breath.

Eminem And Apple Take Dispute To Court

At issue, whether Apple has obtained the proper rights to sell his music.

You’ll Have To Take A Shower After This One

The reactions are coming in from family members after McKenzie Phillips told Oprah she had a ten year affair with her father John Phillips from The Mamas And The Papas. Michelle Phillips for one is calling bull shit.

Petty To “Tour” Virtually

Tom Petty’s camp has cooked up a creative way of promoting and selling his forthcoming live boxed set. The $25.00 price is more than reasonable. Petty has always tried to keep costs down for his fans, going back to his early 80’s war with MCA Records over the list price of “Hard Promises.”

I read a piece about the set a few weeks back in Rolling Stone. Petty has taped everything for the majority of his career, and it sounds like it will be quite a gold mine for fans.

LA Music Community Bands Together To Help Ailing Pal

For most musicians the reality is far from glamorous. Most have no health insurance. For bass player Scott Ford, the the worst has happened.

Wayne Coyne Assembles The Naked Cyclists

It’s for the new Flaming Lips song Watching The Planets.

Bonus Coverage. Perhaps Wayne was inspired by this classic:

Is “Suck” The New “Rocky Horror?

Time will tell. The movie stars Iggy, Henry Rollins, Alice Cooper, and…. Moby?

Pepper Chad Smith Has Another Damn Group

First he teams with Sammy Hagar for Chickenfoot, and now he’s dredged up former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath member Glen Hughes for The Bombastic Meatbats. I like the name anyway.

Lily Allen Says ‘I Quit’

Not for a second do I believe her, but there you go.




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24 09 2009
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