Gig Guide: Wednesday September 23, 2009

23 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Mickey Factz

Mickey Factz explains his guiding principle…. “I was always somebody who didn’t want to be like everyone else.”

The Bronx native certainly isn’t. Check an original in Boston tonight at Harper’s Ferry.

Giant Wow get right to the point.

The point would be giant hooks, and more than a passing resemblance to The Police. Giant Wow play The Northside in their hometown of Cincinnati Wednesday.

Orlando’s Between The Trees were all signed up to Universal Records a couple of years back…. Just before the release of their major label debut “Spain,” the label and band tangled over the direction of the project. Between The Trees said thank you very much, we’ll do this ourselves. And by themselves they’re doing just fine as you’ll hear tonight in Oklahoma City at The Conservatory.

Portland hard rockers Keel Over have been trying to finish their first full length.

Gigs and day jobs slow things down, but they promise they’ll get it done soon. In the meantime they have an e.p. and a show tonight at The Hawthorne in Portland.




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