Bri Blahg… Stooges Yes, Kiss Yes, Genesis No… Music News Round Up 9/23/09

23 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Kiss, Peppers, Genesis Head Rock Hall Nominees

Longest shot? Probably Kiss, though in my opinion, their influence on what a rock show can be, is incalculable. That said I think the industry sorts holding those votes have always tended to look down their noses at Kiss. Yes Gene is an insufferable, money grubbing pervert. Yes Paul’s chest hair looks like John Holmes’ sex dungeon shag carpet. Sure Peter Criss couldn’t play. Of course their last great song was recorded in 1977. And my God they’ve treated the only true genius in the band Ace Frehley like garbage……. You know what, just induct Ace.

Also nominated…. Red Hot Chili Peppers (don’t ask me, I spent too many years playing them on the radio. If I never hear another Peppers song, that would be more than fine.) Genesis (yeah I guess you have to let them in, but it would be better in my mind to just induct Peter Gabriel for his far more worthwhile solo career. Phil Collins? Do you remember “Sussidio? The prosecution rests) Jimmy Cliff (yes absolutely), The Hollies (great pop band, who probably deserve more respect than they’ve enjoyed) and LL Cool J (“Mama Said Knock You Out” kicks ass, but I’m not sure his career as a whole has been that weighty, though I’ll listen to arguments)

Returning nominees include The Stooges. I’m not saying another word. I’m on record everywhere as saying The Stooges should not only be in, but have their own building out back. Iggy could live there and we could visit. Instead I give you Bonus Coverage:

Yes, “the kids” do seem to enjoy it.

No Longer In Rock Hall, Now Roasting In Hell

Oh man…. I don’t know what to do with this…. Actress Mackenzie Phillips says she had a long term sexual relationship with her father, the now late John Phillips of The Mama’s And The Papas.

There’s No Business Like Death Business

Added to “This Is It” the movie, “This Is It” the double disc set.

Jay Z Still Tops, Muse/Kid Cudi Bow High

That’s the word on next week’s Billboard 200.

Bonus Coverage: I listened to the new Muse record this afternoon. “The Resistance” is the UK band going willingly right off the artistic rails. My thoughts if you are so inclined live here.

Because They’re Good And You Should See Them

Canada’s Metric of course. Here are their tour dates.

Hotly Anticipated Kid Sis Record Ready To Drop

It seems like we’ve been hearing about this for a year now.

Slash Cuts Tracks With Grohl/McKagan

Fans got the word via Twitter first.

Hopefully The Movie Won’t Be Called ‘Boring People You Went To High School With’

It’s Facebook The Movie starring, in part, Justin Timberlake.

Karma, Thy Name Is Swine Flu

Marilyn Manson says he has Swine Flu. I’m laying money he’s lying.

Bonus Coverage. Manson’s idiotic quote:

“I know everyone will suggest that fucking a pig is how this disease was obtained. However, the doctor said, my past choices in women have, in ‘no way’ contributed to… me acquiring this mysterious sickness. Unfortunately, I am going to survive. M.”

Ted Leo Finds New Home

Since Touch and Go will no longer release new records, the amazing Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have inked with Matador.




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