Gig Guide: Tuesday September 22, 2009

22 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Basement Eau Claire, WI

The Rainman Suite

Every kid does this at least once…. Slams their finger in the car door.

Well about a week ago Josh Robinson of The Rainman Suite got one of his digits closed the band’s van door. The swelling has gone enough and the pop punk trio from LA will continue tonight in Madison at The Frequency.

Mat Kearney had quite a drive last night.

We chatted up the affable Oregon native in Columbus yesterday… and tonight he’s behind his acclaimed new album “City Of Black And White” at The Recher in Baltimore. Oh, and look for our interview with Kearney here real soon.

I’m confused… Singer/songwriter Jolie Holland says that’s not her real name…

It’s actually her band’s name, that over time, became attached to her…. Holland says that when she is a guest with other performers she doesn’t want to be billed as Jolie Holland because when she is, you think it’s her show…. So for now on, when she’s a guest, she’ll be billed as Bell Denmark, which is a nickname someone gave her. Got all that? Tonight, she’s Jolie Holland…. not her real name… at The Double Door in Charlotte.

At our pals The Boxing Lesson showed us a good time on the eve of SXSW last March, then we interviewed them in a bathroom.

Tonight they bring their psych prog groove to Houston and The Orange Show.

And hey not everybody can get into to see Pearl Jam and Ben Harper at Seattle’s Key Arena tonight.

Here’s an idea, and it’s free. Singer/songwriter Langhorne Slim is dropping into Easy Street records, Mercer Street location, for a live in store show. His new album drops on the 29th, and he’ll be giving you a sneak peek.




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