Bri Blahg… Pearl Jam In Seattle, Bon Iver Heart 7th Graders… Music News Round Up 9/22/09

22 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Pearl Jam Launch Two-Night Stand In Seattle

Spin was there at sold out Key Arena in Seattle.

Bonus Coverage. You know who else used to sell out Key Arena? The Seattle Super Sonics that’s who. It’s the NBA squad I grew up with. Who can forget Downtown Freddie Brown, Slick Watts, Xavier McDaniel and of course “The Baby Maker” Shawn Kemp. You suck NBA…..

Would You Play A Gay Character? Lars? Yes. Kirk? Sort of. James? No not so much.

For some reason Jim Breuer asked Metallica if they’d play a gay guy in a movie. Jim Breuer can get away with questions like this because he always looks like the dude he played in Half Baked.

Oh My God You Guys, Bon Iver Is So Cute! I Love His Beard!

The artist and track listing has been released for “New Moon,” the second in the series of Twilight Movies. Death Cab For Cutie, Muse, Thom Yorke, Lykke Li, Grizzly Bear….. 7th grade girls are certainly having their music exposure upgraded. It would be cool if kids started hanging Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club posters in their lockers.

Jacko Movie Advanced Screenings Coming

Producers of “This Is It” must like what they have. If they felt it was a dog, they never would have green-lighted all these advanced screenings.

And The Winner Is….. F*&%ed Up

A jury of ten has awarded F&%$d Up Canada’s Polaris Music Prize. I wonder if their mothers will proudly tell their friends at the beauty parlor “My Son Is In F&%$d Up!”

Speaking Of F&%$d Up

A day after reporting on Scott Weiland’s in-flight seizure, the band announces a tour and album. Oh goody.

Bonus Coverage. The Meat Puppets are opening. Cris Kirkwood of The Meat Puppets became a drug addict while on tour with STP back in the 90’s. Kirkwood went on to watch his girlfriend die, get shot by a postal service security guard, and do a stretch in prison. Are we all sure we want him on the road with these guys? Positive? Just sayin’. Stay well Cris.

Ah! Someone put a 1985 performance of “Up On The Sun” on You Tube. Amazing!

Speaking Of… Never Mind

After more than a year of Courtney Hole’s bizarre rants, Ryan Adams responds. In case you’re not up to speed, Courtney has repeatedly claimed that Adams paid for his “Rock N Roll” album with her Amex Card. If it’s true, I say it’s money well spent.

Bonus Coverage. Thanks Courtney!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

I Don’t Want To Live In A World……

Where Bret Michaels is writing an autobiography.

Bonus Coverage. The world I want to live in has a dude from Columbus, Ohio band Brainbow playing with nunchuks.

Fall Out Boy Coming Full Circle

Fall Out Boy took their name from a fictional super hero on The Simpsons right? Yes Bri we know that. Well now Fall Out Boy the band will be immortalized in comic book form.

Leonard Cohen Back To Work

The legendary Leonard Cohen has been cleared to return to his European tour after collapsing over the weekend.

Eminem’s Relapse II Far Crazier Says DJ

Relapse had its moments, but the album left me feeling empty and depressed. G Unit member DJ Whoo Kid says you haven’t heard anything yet.

Goodie Mob Reunite

First show in a decade for Cee-Lo’s old group.

Ok-Go Ready With Follow Up To Break Through

Is it just me, or does it seem like ten years since Ok-Go broke through thanks to “Here It Goes Again” and it’s treadmill viral video. Early next year we’ll hear The Follow-up.

Bonus Coverage. In Case You’ve Forgotten:

Buzz Building For Islands

Billboard reports from the front row.

The Times They Are A Changin’

Bob Dylan has a Twitter account. It doesn’t appear he personally updates it, but if you’re a fan it’s a good resource for shows, video, audio, etc.




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22 09 2009
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[…]…Pearl Jam Launch Two-Night Stand In Seattle. Spin was there at sold out Key Arena in Seattle. Bonus Coverage. You know who else used to sell out Key Arena? The Seattle Super Sonics that’s who. It’s the NBA squad I grew up with. … […]

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