Gig Guide: Monday September 21, 2009

21 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Bell X-1

Ireland’s Bell X-1 can make a claim I’m sure no one else can make.

Several years ago they opened for Bon Jovi and then Elliott Smith… in the same week. Tonight a cool band called Wild Light do the honors. Bell X-1 are at World Cafe Live Philadelphia.

The British music press are a fickle lot. They’ve been known to hype a band and then slag them all in the span of weeks. A couple of years ago The Horrors were their flavor of the month.

The band survived to release a second album so they have that going for them. The Horrors our touring behind “Primary Colors” and headlining The Earl in Atlanta.

Earl Greyhound are warming up tonight for a tour that starts later this week.

The band are hitting the road with Waylon Jennings’ son Shooter. Tonight Earl Greyhound headline The Mohawk in Austin.

New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus take their name from Shakespeare, and forgive me for saying, but 2009 has been anything but tragedy.

The band signed to UK indie XL and have been touring like dogs. Tonight they’re at The Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco.

And the revered Northwest band Sunny Day Real Estate have shaken themselves back to life.

After a secret warm up show last week the reunion tour is officially underway. Tonight Sunny Day return to Denver, and The Ogden Theater.




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