Bri Blahg… Gibbard And Deschanel Marry. Winehouse Gets Adults To Give Her Money. Music News Round Up 9/21/09

21 09 2009

Ladies And Gentlemen Mr. and Mrs. Emo

Congratulations to the The Gibbards, Ben and Zooey. I hope they’re honeymooning on a Caribbean Cruise. I don’t know why I just think it’s funny imagining Ben Gibbard on a cruise.

Ladies And Gentlemen... The Gibbards!

Reason Number 4,323 The Record Business Is Screwed Up

This is the only industry I can think of where you can smoke as much crack as Amy Winehouse and still have people wanting to throw money at you. Island is launching a vanity label with Winehouse. First signing? A 13 year old girl. What parent in their right mind would allow their child to sign any sort of contract with Amy Winehouse? Why don’t you just go ahead and load up and light the pipe for your kid while you’re at it.

Money quote:

“The 26-year-old singer is said to have been inspired by Berry Gordy’s legendary Motown Records and The Specials’ 2Tone label and wanted to start her own imprint so she could work closely with a small number of artists.”

Ok, here’s my theory; Island is taking out a huge life insurance policy on Winehouse. Don’t laugh, Wal Mart reportedly does it.

Speaking Of Sound Business Decisions

A few weeks back we reported on Warner Brothers joint venture with “The Queen Of Media” Perez Hilton. Now Spin reports on the sad sad state affairs that is The Perez Hilton Presents Tour.

Must Resist Urge To Blame Weiland Seizure On Crack. Must Resist Urge To Blame Weiland Seizure On Crack

Scott Weiland had a seizure Friday. It was probably crack. Weiland was on his way to a gig promoting his own clothing line. If you remember “Tough Skins” jeans, it’s kind of like that, only it’s for people who fall down a lot. The clothes really hold up.


Linkin Park Dude Says Dude I’ve Got Another Band Dude

I have low expectations for this, but at least they have a Misfits cover so that’s cool… I guess.

Bonus Coverage. Chester Bennington’s new band is covering The Misfits “20 Eyes.” Where the hell did someone find this?

Gather Round The Yule Log Kids, It’s A Very Awkward Christmas!

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Bob Dylan was doing a Christmas album. Now Billboard reports Tori Amos has one too. I’m sure Tori’s will be nice and all, but not terribly festive.

Bonus Coverage. The Only Christmas song you really need:

VH1 Divas Or Jerry Jones. What’s The Difference….

Let’s see…. Cowboys/Giants or Vh1 Divas? Although I will say this; Jerry Jones’ new stadium is an abomination. When the end comes, and The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse are galloping over the horizon, they’ll first lay waste to Jerry’s damned stadium. They’ll do it during a game too so the 110,000 fans can see them coming on the big screen! Yee Haw!

Hendrix Inc Says There’s More Where That Came From

40 years after his death, and sister Janie Hendrix says there’s plenty more Jimi material to release. How is that even possible? Where was this stuff hiding?

Bonus Coverage. Buy me a beer sometime and I’ll tell you how I delivered a painting commissioned by a balding acid casualty from Calgary to Jimi’s father Al Hendrix. Oh no, you’re not getting it out of me, you’ll have to buy me a beer first.

Muse’s Bellamy To Record With Thom Yorke To Prove They’re Not The Same Person

You have to admit they sound a lot alike. Yorke and Bellamy are doing a song for the new Twilight soundtrack. Since when does everyone want 13 year old girls to think they’re cool?

Sunny Day Real Estate Launch Reunion Tour

Spin was there.

Speedy Recovery Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen fainted onstage in Spain Friday. His manager says it was food poisoning. The 75 year old Cohen was singing one of his most famous songs “Bird On A Wire” when he collapsed. That reminds me of how great Johnny Cash’s version of that song is.

Bonus Coverage:

Vodpod videos no longer available.




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