Bri Blahg: Pavement Reuniting! Kanye, Coldplay Pay, Blah Blah Blah Pavement Reuniting! Music News Round Up 9/16/09

16 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Pavement Are Reuniting? Yes!

That’s what Brooklyn Vegan says. Hard to believe they split a decade ago already.

Bonus Coverage. Pavement’s Cut Your Hair… Yes it was their biggest “hit.” It’s also a corker:

Gwenyth, It’s Going To Be A Lean Christmas This Year Darling

Coldplay has settled Joe Satriani’s copyright infringement suit out of court. Satriani gets money, Coldplay don’t have to admit they are thieves. Me? I don’t know. Both songs are in the above article so you be the judge. It seems like a good deal for a Coldplay, they have piles of fuck you money to throw around and they don’t have to admit guilt. Satriani? He has to be in a band with that tool Sammy Hagar.

Bonus Coverage. Sammy Hagar being a tool (dig the jumpsuits this asshole made his band wear):

Courtney Love Arranges Photo Op With Bono Under Guise Of Benefit

U2, Rufus Wainright, Antony Hegarty, and Courtney Hole are teaming for an AIDS fundraiser. You’ll notice in the article that Scarlett Johanson is now a “musician.” Cripes you warble through a few Tom Waits songs, and follow Pete Yorn around France and all of the sudden you’re a “musician.” Good work if you can get it.

The Kid Can’t Sing, But She’s Classy

God Bless Taylor Swift’s pea pickin heart. She is limited in terms of singing ability, but has handled this stupid Kanye thing with more grace than we losers deserve:

Billboard says Kanye called her yesterday and apologized. If you’ve spent anytime online the past few days you’ll notice that it’s become all the rage to Photoshop West into different scenarios interrupting everyone from the President to porn actors. Kanye West is now a punchline, and that’s a tough thing from which to recover.


Goody… Kanye Touring With Lady Gaga… Blah

Oh hey, as long as everyone is looking, Kanye has announced a tour with Lady Gaga. I always appreciate when two acts I don’t give a crap about tour together. That way I can not go to two shows at once.

Carlile Grabs Elton/Chili Pepper For Third Album

The Seattle singer/songwriter is going all in for album number three.

Not Many Better Than Yo La Tengo

Their new album, the cheekily titled “Popular Songs” is out, and Ira Kaplan spent some quality time with Billboard Magazine talking it up.

Bonus Coverage: There are many candidates for Bri’s Favorite Yo La Tengo song, but if one held a rifle to my head I would select “From A Motel 6.” It always gives me chills.

Interpol Front Man To Take Alter Ego On Road

I wonder if his moniker “Julian Plenti” is a dig at Julian Casablancas? Anyway here are the dates and such.

Jacko Indictments Imminent

NME reports The L.A. County DA is ready to drop the hammer. Doctor Conrad Murray, come on down!

Famous Session Drummer Dies

Back in the 60’s and 70’s many of your favorite songs were not played by the bands on the cover. For many hits of the day they’d call Bobby Graham. Graham passed away this week, he was 69. Mr. Graham claims he was asked to replace Pete Best in The Beatles, but turned them down because they weren’t famous enough. The gig went to Ringo Starr… oops.

Sad… Life Hard For Ex-Stone Mick Taylor

When I stop to think about it, Taylor had a hand in a lot of my favorite Stones songs. It would be nice if he didn’t have to live in a ramshackle duplex. What a drag.

Meanwhile Taylor’s Replacement Has Row With Russian Girlfriend

Oh oh, is Ron Wood on the sauce again? He and his barely legal Russian girlfriend had such a knock down drag out that neighbors called the cops…. allegedly.

Slayer Still Think World A Shitty Place

What would give them that idea? As my dad would say as he tried to get me to not be such a fucking downer all the time; “is your cup half empty or half full?” Slayer’s cup I imagine is some sort of rock encrusted goblet, and it’s empty. Their new album, due in November is called “World Painted Blood.

Sonic Youth Have A New Live E.P. So I Got That Going For Me

It’s on Itunes.




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