Gig Guide: Tuesday September 15, 2009

15 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

The movie will be a part of the BYO anniversary box set coming out in Sept 2009!

Poster For Youth Brigade Documentary "Let Them Know"

LA punk vets Youth Brigade can be seen in two places at once tonight.

A documentary on the band is making college campus rounds… Tonight it’s screening at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green…. And the band Youth Brigade headline Peabody’s in Cleveland Tuesday.

Telefon Tel Aviv is now solely the vision of Joshua Eustis.

Eustis has decided to keep the name after tragic January death of his longtime musical partner Charles Cooper. What Telefon Tel Aviv will always be is a chilling mix of dance, electronica, and ambient UK style post punk. Tonight’s appearance is at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia.

I like Aaron Beaumont’s bio.

I’ll paraphrase: Aaron Beaumont completed degrees in Economics, Spanish, and Literature before concluding what the world didn’t need was… A well read bilingual economist, or an economically savvy Spanish novelist, but rather a singer/songwriter…. You’ll love his musical smarts at The Basement in Nashville this evening.

The superlitives keep piling up for garage rockers Gringo Star. Critics call them “real,” “gritty” “a band to watch.” You get the picture. If you dig garage rock with more than a passing influence from the 60’s, check out this Atlanta band Tuesday at The Cavern in Dallas.

You know what’s always good fodder for songs? Break ups…. Perhaps Gavin Castleton has had more than his share of inspiration.

Castleton says his latest album “Home” was inspired by a two year break up. Enjoy Castleton’s pain tonight in San Francisco at The Red Devil Lounge.

Will Roan and Simon O’Connor decided to start a band while working together at a Ring Tone company.

Lucky for us Amazing Baby’s big boned psychedelic work outs sound much better on a big beefy stereo than a teeny tiny cellphone speaker. Amazing Baby are live tonight in Seattle at The Crocodile.




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