Bri Blahg: Kanye On The Cross. Music News Round Up 9/15/09

15 09 2009

Jay Leno Gives Kanye West Time Out

The Jay Leno Show premiered last night on NBC and, yay for Leno, he gets his mitts on Kanye West before he can be nailed to the cross on Oprah. I don’t know about you, but this sort of celebrity sin and contrition hoo haw got old a long time ago. Dull, dull, dull. If I’m Taylor Swift I just ignore him. Kanye is such a diva that it’s the one thing he won’t be able to take.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bonus Coverage: President calls Kanye a jackass! I think history has been made here people. Not since Warren G. Harding referred to Al Jolson as a “scaliwag” has a sitting president come out so strongly against one of his day’s biggest celebrities. Let’s see if all those mouth foaming “birthers” are going to welcome Kanye West into the movement.

Birther: “He called you a jackass and he was born in Kenya! Join us!”

More Bonus Coverage: Holy shit I can’t take much more. The View  snapped up Taylor Swift this morning.

Kayne’s biggest concern may no longer be the President’s opinion, but rather 10,000 pitchfork wielding housefraus showing up at his crib. Damn!

Neil Sets Bridge School Benefit Lineup

No Doubt and Coldplay’s Chris Martin are playing the annual fundraiser. That’s as pop as I ever remember this one being.

Bonus Coverage. Someone posted 20 minutes of Tom Waits at the 1999 Bridge School Benefit on You Tube. Holy Crap!

U2 Expand “Fire”/Contract My Wallet

I’ve been a bit harsh on U2 lately, but let’s face it, I’m like a fly on the ass of a baboon in Gabon to them. I realize I’m peeing in the wind here, but U2 used to matter, in the very real sense. A great example would be 1984’s “The Unforgettable Fire,” which was a brave album to make indeed.

“War,” with it’s stark, arena ready anthems had broken the band big time in 1983. Rather than make “War 2 Electric Boogaloo,” U2 enlisted Brian Eno, and decamped for Ireland’s Slane Castle to make a gorgeous, and sometimes confounding album. “The Unforgettable Fire” was originally met with vacant stares and middling reviews. Over time it’s proven to be a favorite U2 album of mine. Billboard reports today that an expanded edition is on its way. See I can be nice too.

AFI Strip Away The Guck

AFI’s “Decemberunderground” was a near million seller, but I’m guessing many long time fans were a bit put off by it’s slickness. The band says it’s back to basics for their follow up.

Avett Brothers Seal The Deal With A Handshake

Not many groups work as hard as The Avett Brothers. Best of luck to them with their Rick Rubin produced major label bow.

Gibbard Teams With Farrar? Believe It

On first blush it wouldn’t seem Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie would have a lot in common with Jay Farrar of Son Volt (and formerly of the late great and long lamented Uncle Tupelo). Their common ground as it turns out is love for the work of Beat writer Jack Kerouac.

Now Gibbard and Farrar have assembled a band and taken their studio project “On The Road.”

Bonus Coverage: Gibbard and Farrar’s “San Francisco”

Metallica Learn What It Means To Be A Man

Yes Metallica rock and they rock hard. Still, even they would admit they’re no match for Lemmy from Motorhead. Last night in Nashville Metallica bowed to their master. Wicked.

Bonus Coverage: It’s not the first time of course:

Slipknot Member Has The Crayola 64 Pack Of “Crahans”

Shawn "The Clown" Crahan

Blabbermouth also reports that Shawn “Clown” Crahan is an artist and will debut his work soon.

Bonus Coverage. Serial killer Wayne Gacy would only paint pictures of clowns:

This Is Why People Hate Clowns

You Ever Wonder What Hip Cool People Do At Exclusive After Parties?

They get to watch Courtney Hole sing “Bette Davis Eyes.” Well bully for them. As an aside it looks like Courtney has been eating.

Bonus Coverage. Not since linguists translated The Dead Sea Scrolls has there been such a need to transcribe the in-decipherable. To the rescue comes CL Translated.


Kind Of Like Tori Amos, Only With Much Less Piano Humping

Now that’s not fair to Regina Spektor at all. I thought her latest “Far” was an understated charmer. Spin reports from the opening of her tour.

No It’s Not That Elton, You’re Just Too Stinking Old

Ukraine has ruled that Elton John cannot adopt a child from their country because the singer is too old. Cripes Elton, just do what Madonna and Angelina do… kidnap him. Oh and by the way, it’s not just that he’s too old. Ukraine won’t recognize same sex marriages. Assholes.

McCartney Says Beatles Entertained Reunion Offers

Sir Paul is out talking up the Beatles remasters, and Rock Band Beatles. He says the band mulled big dollar offers to reunite.

Imagined Conversation:

Pete Townshend: You know Paul, you don’t need everyone to be alive to reunite your band.

Sir Paul: Hmmmmmm.

Lily Allen Takes Stand Against File Sharing/Bootleg Buggy Whips

Someone needs to tell young Lily that the horses have left the barn. She probably should have gotten her g-string in a bind a few years back about file sharing. Now it just seems a bit quaint, and kind of sad.

Do You Like Rap Music? Then You Should Know This Guy

Gil Scott-Heron invented hip hop with tracks like 1974’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. NME reports he has a new record coming.

Bonus Coverage: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” is amazing. Listen.

What’s The Opposite Of Good?

That would be the grunt that is Vampire Weekend. Oh goody, they’ve made a second record. Blah.

What Is The Opposite Of Vampire Weekend

The Flaming Lips will be on Stephen Colbert.

Richman/Chesnutt Team For Record

I saw “There’s Something About Mary” the other night on the tube and was reminded how much I liked Jonathan Richman’s musical interludes. After touring with Vic Chesnutt the pair of iconoclasts have recorded an album together.

We Knew This Was Coming Eventually

Michael Stipe is working on a project with Barry Manilow.

Bonus Coverage: Peter Griffin and the fellas on Barry Manilow:

Bloodshot Throws Down For 15

One of our favorite labels around here is Chicago’s Bloodshot. Waco Brothers, Justin Townes Earle, Ha Ha Tonka, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, I could go on and on. Well the label just celebrated their 15th birthday in typical Bloodshot fashion. Here’s to many more years!

Bonus Coverage: Jon Langford of The Waco Brothers (and the brilliant Mekons etc) stopped for a cold one after a SXSW show with this reporter. I didn’t even buy. What’s wrong with me….

Radiohead Drummer Readies Solo Album

Nothing against Phil Selway of Radiohead, but I will not be waiting up nights for his solo debut. The history of albums by drummers is not good. Sure things worked out well for Dave Grohl with The Foo Fighters, and then you have Josh Freese and going way back, Buddy Miles. As a counterpoint I offer:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Your Honor, the prosecution rests.




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