Bri Blahg… Friday Music News Round Up. What A Lovely Way To Say How Much You Love Me

11 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Someone Had To Approve This

We heard from Courtney Hole earlier this week on the matter. Now Dave Grohl and Krist Novelselic have expressed dismay over Kurt Kobain’s avatar singing Bon Jovi songs on Guitar Hero. Someone had to approve this right? See you in court I guess.

Bonus Coverage. In case you missed it, here’s the sad video:


Lil Jon is finally going to drop his long awaited Crunk Rock.

Is Zooey The Emo Yoko Ono?

Nah I’m just causing trouble. I’m sure Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel will be very happy together as it’s announced they are getting married.

I Like This

Jawbreaker’s one time front man has a new band. It’s been back in print for awhile now, but in case you gave up looking for it, their essential “Dear You” is out there again.

Wolfmother Plot Tour/Poofy Hair

Now that lone Wolfmother Andrew Stockdale has replaced his mates with dudes with the same hair as his, the Aussie retro rockers have laid out a U.S. Tour.

This Is It? Hardly…

That was fast. Excerpts from the forthcoming documentary “This Is It” will air on the Video Music Awards Sunday. This is the film culled from Michael Jackson’s final tour rehearsals.

Karen O. Says Your Kids Are Fat

And she’s doing something about it. Yup, nothing can get an 11 year old to put down the Fritos quite like an odd looking musician they’ve never heard of.

Fat Kids Love NASCAR/Yo La Tengo?

Did you know Yo La Tengo are in a NASCAR ad? Me neither until now. Very strange.

Bonus Coverage: As you’ll read above, their co-star was almost George W. Bush. WTF?

I Only Heard The Megan Fox Part

Mastadon are doing the music for Jonah Hex. It’s described as a “comic book horror western.” Megan Fox is in it. ‘Nuf said.

Have Sperm Will Travel

Fiddy is making his new song “Baby By Me” available for free download. Notice the song is not called “Child Support By Me.” Seriously this could be the greatest song about fathering a child since Paul Anka’s “Having My Baby.”

Bonus Coverage:

It’ll Be The Funniest Part Of The Show

Ah cripes. U2 are the musical guest on the first Saturday Night Live of the season. That means they’ll play something off the dismal “No Line On The Horizon.”

Bonus Coverage: This season premiere was better.

Ya Ya

Rolling Stones live albums have always been a dicey affair. Perhaps the best of the lot is “Get Your Ya Ya’s Out.” ABKCO (the record company that exists only to rip off The Stones and Animals) is readying a 40th Anniversary Edition.

Wherever You Go There You Are, The Wit And Wisdom Of David Lee Roth

The money is good, very good. Why else would Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth agree to put up with each other again next year.


There’s new Flight Of The Conchords coming.

Cribs Outselling Beatles

We may be going bonkers for The Beatles remasters here, but over in the UK the fine band The Cribs are outselling them.

You Can Still Rock In Dubai

An old friend of mine used to work for The United Arab Emirates tracking wildlife in the desert. Like me he’s a huge music freak, and that made life there almost unbearable. The best he could find was a bar popular with British ex-pats where the headliner was a bad cover band from The Philippines. Things are getting better it seems as Echo And The Bunnymen are among the bands appearing at a festival there in November.

Beach House After Some Of That Sub Pop Fuck You Money

The languid Baltimore duo Beach House have inked a deal with Sub Pop.

R.E.M. Against Health Care Reform. Just Kidding.

R.E.M. are part of a Move On PSA campaign.




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