Bri Blahg… Ellen Replaces Paula, Nothing Replaces Jay Z, Billy Corgan Is God: Music News Round-Up 9/10/09

10 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Your Home Girl, Ellen D

Replacing Paula Abdul on American Idol? Ellen Degeneres. You know what, not a bad choice. I’m still not going to watch mind you. We’ll miss you Paula you cream crackers nuts basket case of love.

Another Day In The Jay Z Echo Chamber

Hey I’m a man of the people, and I’m detecting that the people can’t get enough Jay Z coverage. Everyone is obsessed with Jay Z. I learned that when there was all that hubub about him attending a Grizzly Bear show last month for crying out loud. Last night he played New York’s Blender Theater and Rolling Stone was there.

Bonus Coverage. Video Already Up On You Tube:

Biggest Day For Organ Recipients Since Melissa Etheridge’s Girlfriend Used David Crosby’s Sperm

There are no secrets anymore. Well ok there’s tons of stuff kept from us actually; like for instance how The Queen Of England and former Presidents Bush are shape shifting alien lizard people.

The Illuminati aside Apple did an amazing job keeping possible fallout from Steve Jobs’ liver transplant very quiet; don’t want to upset the shareholders after all. Jobs made his first appearance Wednesday since the procedure and introduced a host of upgrades, and had the first official words on a new digital album initiative known as project Cocktail. I’ll let the Apple Fan Boys paw over this stuff and reserve judgement for now. Oh, and I’ve heard Jobs’ new organ came from a Nork person from the planet Aluroonion.

Beatles Versus My Wallet

I know it’s Rolling Stone and they gave U2’s dreadful “Flat Line On The Horizon” five stars, so take their review of the Beatles remasters for what it’s worth. That said I’m hearing lots of good things. Bloody hell, I won’t buy them all, but the following list is essential.

1. Revolver
2. Abbey Road
3. Rubber Soul
4. The White Album
5. Sgt. Peppers
6. Let It Be

Bonus Coverage. Sgt Peppers, The Movie:

Things That Don’t Compute: 1. Lee Renaldo Playing Tennis

On my ultimate list of favorite bands, Sonic Youth are right up there. Top 5? Yeah I’d say so. Their music is consistently groundbreaking, as is their reason for having to postpone some shows. Lee Renaldo broke his wrist playing tennis says Fuse. Speedy recovery Lee.

Bonus Coverage. A Rad New Sonic Youth Video:

Ne-Yo’s Gonna Act And Shit

R and B dude Ne-Yo is going to be in a Sci Fi flick.

Very loosely related Bonus Coverage. No musician will ever top The Ramones Tour de Force “Rock N Roll High School”

OK ATP Mercy! I Can’t Go And You Keep Piling On!

Via their Twitter, All Tomorrow’s Parties report Sufjan Stevens will perform his entire 2004 “Seven Swans” album. ATP is truly an embarrassment of riches this year. I wish I could attend. We’ll have a preview up by tomorrow.

I’d Like To Thank Mainstream Country Music For Sucking

Hmmm… The Raconteurs have been nominated for a Country Music Award. From the state of today’s country music landscape, I’m not sure if that’s an honor or not.

He Grew Up Listening To Bad Music, Making Him Qualified To Run A Record Label

Perez Hilton is taking his poodle and my little pony show on the road.

Bonus Coverage. One of the bands on the tour is Semi Precious Weapons. Last winter I drank several of their dressing room beers and talked to singer Justin Tranter. He is a trip:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

And The Horse You Rode In On

Now that they’ve become famous, the Brits are turning on Kings Of Leon.

The Kurt Kobain Story, With Sid Vicious

I’m pretty sure they didn’t know each other until meeting in punk rock heaven, but in England Sid Vicious will be a part of a play about Kurt Kobain.

Billy Corgan Launches Site To Prove He’s God

Billy Corgan has a new blahg with the subject being religion and spirituality.

I Like A Good Mocumentary

The Arctic Monkeys star as themselves in this flick about a washed up roadie and an aspiring rapper.

Bonus Coverage. The Trailer:

Is There Anything Nick Cave Can’t Do?

The amazing Nick Cave is out with a new novel and a spot on way to market the book.

Henry Rollins Is…. A White Supremacist?

Yes, but only on this new biker show on F/X. I saw a promo for it the other night and I thought he was playing a cop. Silly me.

Bonus Coverage. The promo:

On My Bucket List

Seeing Motorhead before I die. Brooklyn Vegan was at the New York date last night. Also on the bill, a Cleveland band called The Episodes with a nine year old kid for a singer. It’s a cute story. The band started as a tribute for an uncle who died of a drug overdose. Ahhhhhhhh…..

About Time

The first two Feelies records are back in print!



One response

12 09 2009
David Michaels

Nice roundup, as for Motorhead, this tour isn’t the best to see as Matt Sorum is sitting in on drums

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