Gig Guide: Wednesday September 9, 2009

9 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Thank you Courtney! You rock our socks off

Kansas City Bear Fighters

What’s a bear when you’ve fought a team of attorneys.

The Kansas City Bear Fighters lost their legal fist fight with The NFL’s Denver Broncos…. Let that be a lesson kids. Even if you’re a humble folk band from Kansas City, woe to you naming your band after a professional football franchise. They are here to for known as The Denver Bear Fighters, and they take all comers at The Record Bar in KC Wednesday.

Perusing Downtown Brown’s Myspace you get the idea that they just might be too clever for their own good.

I emphasize for “their own good,” because if you dig interesting, fun, engaging music then you’ll be doing well to drop in on Downtown Brown Regal Beagle in Virginia Beach tonight.

Jesse Malin survived the much hyped D. Generation to forge a solid solo career. What of the rest of the band?

Richard Bacchus stays closer to the urban sleeze of the band with his solo material Bacchus and The Luckiest Girls at The Pour House in Raleigh.

I just read that Chicago is America’s most stressful city. Well don’t blame Yourself And The Air.

They’re airy indie rock will take you away from those every day concerns right quick. Modified Arts in Phoenix is their tour stop tonight.

Welcome Home Walker have decided that having a new single out is good enough reason to have a party.

They’ll celebrate the new one, both the a and b side with a throwdown at East End in Portland Wednesday.



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