Bri Blahg… Music News Round Up 9/8/2009. Your Wallet Better Be Ready

8 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

As I write I’m listening to my new favorite band The Spits. The fact that they’ve been around since the turn of the century means that I’ve wasted many years not listening to them. Bloody hell! If you like The Ramones, Wire, Devo, and The Rezillos then you’ve found your new favorite band too.

Beatles Remasters Out

The Beatles "Abbey Road" Remaster

Back in the 80’s The Beatles were, as I remember it, alone. Every other major artist had seen their catalogs reissued on CD. The Beatles held out until 1987, and with great fanfare released their hallowed albums in digital form. As the years have gone by and mastering technology improved many generations, The Beatles again waited. Today is the day. The newly remastered Beatles have been released along with Beatles Rock Band.

Meanwhile Paul McCartney blames EMI for The Beatles not being available for legal download. Sounds like it will happen soon.

There’s Actual New Music Out Today Too Not That You Care

Blk Jks (Black Jacks) "After Robots" Out Today

The Beatles dwarf all other releases this week, but there are other records more than worthy of your attention. Yo La Tengo and The Clean have new material out, the fascinating South African band Blk Jks drop their first full length. It’s a stunner. New Cribs today too! Oh and Phish’s comeback album “Joy.”

We’re Here For You Ace

If Space Ace wants to tell Billboard about his new album we are duty bound to link it. Bonus: Ace has a stylist. That stylist suggested he cover Sweet’s “Fox On The Run.” Go Ace! Destroy Fake Kiss!

The Time Is Drawing Near When It’s Not Cool To Say “There’s An App For That”

T-Pain Won A Grammy?

Asshole fraternity guys wanting to auto tune themselves after 37 Natty Lights; there’s an App for that. Bonus: T-Pain knows that the bell tolls for thee, but that bell is perfectly in tune.

Jay Z Needs To Buy A Map

Speaking of “Death To Autotune,” Jay Z has announced his fall fall tour. Take a peek at those cities and see if you agree that it’s a strangely routed tour. The Blue Print, leaked with Jay Z’s blessing drops this week too.

Drake Tweets Backwards From 100

Rapper Drake is tweeting on his knee surgery. A torn ACL is being repaired today.

Lydon Hates Teenagers… Well Who Doesn’t

"You Bloody Kids!"

John Lydon is reforming Public Image Limited. In the above linked Guardian piece Lydon misses the irony express entirely as he rants about, of all things, misbehaving teens:

“Younger people at the moment are very mouthy and aggressive,” he complains, oblivious to the irony. “You’re all terrified of your own youth. You’re not allowed to give them a clip around the ear and send them home.”

Bonus: As you’ll read in the piece, Miles Davis once cut tracks for PIL, but they were never used. That’s a new one on me. I’d love to hear them.

Mark Lanegan’s Monday Services

One of my favorite singers Mark Lanegan launched a tour with Soulsavers last night in Portland. Spin was there.

There’s Actually A Place Where You Have To Choose Between Modest Mouse and Black Eyed Peas

In Seattle it was Bumbershoot weekend. Rolling Stone reports. I remember the 1990 Bumbershoot. I saw Soundgarden at one in the afternoon. Totally colossal.

Get Well Jack Savidge

Jack Savidge of Friendly Fires reports via twitter that he’s been hospitalized. Hopefully he’ll be on the mend quickly, the band are up for The Mercury Prize tonight.

I Hope He Rocks A Flute Solo

Ah cripes, Jethro Tull are back together. Ok I will admit to joining all my other pre teen friends in giggling at the line from “Aqualung” about “snot dripping down his nose,” but please.

Original Bearded Northwest Band Back

Pitchfork has a track from the new Built To Spill record.

NIN Reschedule

Nine Inch Nails have rescheduled two shows postponed by Trent Renzor’s bout with scurvy or the grip or whatever it was.

You Can Send That Too…..

The good people at Rhino would be well advised to send your author a Big Star boxed set. Yeah that should do it.




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