Gig Guide: Saturday September 5/Sunday September 6, 2009

5 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

The Fainting Generals

Grand Rapids, Michigan band The Fainting Generals have an unhealthy obsession with one of our worst presidents Franklin Pierce.

They also seem to be obsessed with The Velvet Underground, which ain’t so bad. The Fainting Generals perform Saturday at Juke’s in Grand Rapids.

Lojack formed in part out of disgust.

The fellas were tired of looking around and seeing nothing but crap cover bands… Today Lojack are a top draw around the Penn State scene. The band play The Phyrst in State College, PA Sunday.

No frills rockers The American Plague have something new.

They’ve recorded and released the new “Kiss Of Death” e.p. Saturday they’re headlining 4620 in Knoxville.

Growing up on the Mexican border, Vanessa Lively’s musical ambitions were shaped at an early age.

Today the 28 year old lives in Austin, and though she’s brought many other influences to her music, her roots remain vital. Lively performs Sunday at El Sol y La Luna in Austin.

Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel are Kaiser Cartel

Has a nice ring to it… The purveyors of sing a long melancholia stop in at The Road 34 in Fort Collins, Colorado Saturday.

The Trifles have covered their myspace page with pictures of all sorts of fruity, custardy deserts.

Beware though, or your liable to have one of those deserts smooshed in your face Sunday at Amnesia in San Francisco.




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17 09 2009

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