Bri Blahg… 9/3 News Round Up: Only The Stones Remain

3 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Before I Crap On Everything, Here’s Something Good

I don’t mean to be such downer, I’ve just been involved in the music business for way to stinking long I think. To show that I’m not incapable of finding something to say nice things about, here’s St. Vincent on Jimmy Kimmel last night. This is a wonderfully disorienting song for a late night talk show don’t you think?

Bonus! Our SXSW Confab With St. Vincent

Stones Confirm, Charlie Watts Will Die In Group

Entertainment Weekly says it’s not true. Charlie Watts has not quit The Rolling Stones. Me? I’ll wait and see.

Meanwhile wise acres have been pimpling Watts’ Wiki page with gems like this:

On 2 September 2009 a “music information” website quoted an unnamed “source within the Stones inner circle” as saying Charlie Watts had decided to quit the band, to focus on his new band “She’s the Boss, a tribute band performing material from Mick Jagger’s solo career.

Har Har. And now to emphasize why that is so damn funny:

This Just In, World War II Over

Following Rolling Stone Magazine’s lead, Entertainment Weekly is going with a Beatles cover this week. What does it say about our contemporary mass culture that a band that broke up 39 years ago warrants the cover. (Yes I know Rock Band Beatles, Beatles remasters, they’re the fucking Beatles, blah blah blah).

Here is a random list of artists from the 60’s better than The Beatles (in no particular order):

1. Rolling Stones
2. Kinks
3. The Who
4. Velvet Underground
5. Creedence Clearwater Revival
6. The Stooges
7. The Animals
8. Bob Dylan
9. The Band
10. Jimi Hendrix
11. The Byrds
12. Buffalo Springfield
13. Beach Boys
14. Syd Barrett Pink Floyd
15. Love

Now don’t get me wrong I dig The Beatles just fine, it’s just that I’m a prick.

Jay Z Gets All Experimental And Shit. Beyonce Shudders At Having To Go To More Grizzly Bear Shows

Now that Jay Z has leaked the entire “Blueprint” album to Kanye’s blog, he’s moved on to what he calls an “experimental album.” Already hedging expectations, Z says it won’t be number one. Well neither will “The Blueprint” thanks to Kanye.

And Now Something Else I Thought Was Neato

Kudos to Spin as well for this lil’ session they did with Noisettes. I first heard the new song “Wild Young Hearts” the other day on The Underground Garage. It’s a corker.

Head Like A Cold

Nine Inch Nails had to cancel tonight’s LA show. Trent is a bit under the weather.

Meanwhile I’ve Found Famous Support For Belief That Chris Cornell’s “Scream” Is Worst Album Ever

See, see, see! It’s not just me! (I won’t bother linking to my review for the third time in a week) Trent Reznor has been fighting a lonely war against Chris Cornell’s “Scream” since it came out. Now Reznor explains why he feels so strongly about the topic….. It seems Jimmy Iovine tried to get him to do the same thing.

MTV Does First Cool Thing Since Martha Quinn Kajagoogoo Interview

No one tweets as much as Wale. I must have missed one though because I just saw that he and his DC Go Go group UCB are the house band at The MTV Movie Awards September 13. I’m still not going to watch that garbage, but you know good for him.

You Seen Her Arms Lately? I’d Say Top Grossing, Not Second

The numbers are in, and Madonna owes Guy Ritchie a lot of spousal support.

Other Things Ryan Adams Does Rather Than Boinking His Hot Wife Mandy Moore

Yesterday it was Ryan Adams and his art gallery show. Today it’s a ridiculous metal song on a blog for which he writes. You know what is great though? “Fix It” from Cardinology:

R. Kelly To Finish Jackson Songs Because Dead Junkies Always Say Yes

R. Kelly says he’ll finish the five “joints” (that’s what groovy righteous cats like R. Kelly call songs) he was working on with Michael Jackson because “Michael liked the way I would try to sing the songs just like him.”

MGMT On New Kudi Joint…. Take That R. Kelly

NME says MGMT is on Kid Cudi’s debut album. Also on Cudi’s album, an entire field of dope:

I have a question. If one is employed as “High Times Senior Cultivation Editor” and one is relieved of one’s duties as “Senior Cultivation Editor” what does one do for gainful employment following? I can’t think of a damn thing. I can see the scene now:

High Times Cultivation Editor: I want a raise man….

High Times Editor-In-Chief: No.

When The Lightning Strikes Is An Awful Aerosmith Song

Pitchfork has a photo of a dude in Sunset Rubdown after he was struck by lightning.

New Tom Yorke? It’s True! You’ll Kind Of Like It, But Tell Everyone Else “It’s Amazing”? True Also!

Stereogum has the details. It’s produced by long time Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.



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