Gig Guide: Wednesday September 2, 2009

2 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Columbia, MO Tribune

Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo

I always find an artist’s background interesting….

Growing up in New York, Lizzie West’s mom is a Broadway Producer. Dad is a financial analyst. Young West’s first performances were entertaining the guests at her parent’s fancy New York cocktail parties. Today with partner Baba Buffalo, West tours and performs her music and also finds time for theater and activism as well. Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo Bus Boys and Poets in Washington tonight.

One reviewer said of Mike Farris “his show bordered on a religious experience.”

Well actually that’s the point. The former Screaming Cheetah Wheelie is all about down home, country church on Sunday rock n soul gospel. This is the real deal people. Farris headlines The Ark in Ann Arbor tonight.

Curley Mojo might be Tennessee’s answer to Guided by Voices.

Just like the revered Dayton band, the Mojo men pursue a lo-fi, 60’s anchored garage rock. Curley Mojo play The Buccaneer in Memphis tonight.

He loves pop so much he took it as a name.

Matthew Pop has opened some shows for Regina Spektor and has just released his third album “Million.” The New Yorker is popping through The Rye Bar in Athens, Georgia Wednesday.

Does live hip hop leave you hanging? Like you were wishing it had some swing to it?

Enter Audible Mainframe …. They’re a six piece live hip hop machine… Tonight is the LA combo’s official San Diego record release party for their latest “Transients.” The Ruby Room is the place.

The Sawyer Family are coming.

Named for infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre Clan, this Eugene, Oregon band sit firmly in the psycho billy camp. Sawyer Family tonight at Spokane’s punk rock mecca Cretin Hop.




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