Bri Blahg: Music News Round Up For Tuesday September 1, 2009

1 09 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Rolling Stone leads with news Them Crooked Vultures have been added to the Austin City Limits bill. If you haven’t been paying attention, that’s the supergroup featuring Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl, and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

Sublime are going the Alice In Chains route, replacing a long dead singer and hitting the road. First up is The Smoke Out Festival hosted by Cheech And Chong. Your mileage may vary on Sublime playing a drug themed festival when their singer died from a drug overdose. Cheech and Chong got a lot of mileage out of those stoner movies they made back in the 70’s and 80’s. I love the cheesy announcer guy on this trailer:

Jay Z has details on his 9/11 benefit. I read the other day that a lot of right wingers aren’t pleased that there is a push from the White House to turn 9/11 from a day of mourning into a day of service. I don’t understand why people get so fired up about this stuff. You’re a smart person you’ll figure it out. If you want to volunteer, volunteer. If you want to sit quietly and think do that. If you want to drink heavily trying to forget that awful day, I’ll be down at the pub mate.

Jay Z also reacted with a shrug when asked about his massively leaked new album. “Enjoy it” he says.

Jay Z Validating Grizzly Bear By Being Jay Z At Grizzly Bear

Meanwhile I’ve never seen such a big stink about two people going to a show as I’ve seen about Jay Z and Beyonce checking out Grizzly Bear. Now NME reports breathlessly that they have video. Our own Jill Menze innocently took a snap of Jay Z at the concert and to date the picture has 5,000,000,000 hits.

Spin chatted up former Doobie Brother Michael McDonald about his bizarre and most certainly not ironic guest shot on a Grizzly Bear tune. Money quote:

“For me to be associated with a group like this, I could pick up a bunch of momentum.”

To do what? Play Coachella next year? Actually that’s not that far fetched. I don’t want to live in a world where Michael McDonald has “momentum.”

Oops… Julian Casablancas of The Strokes probably thought he could hide by going all the way to Japan to debut his new solo project. Someone from Spin was there to tell us the awful truth. Is it just me or is Julian beginning to look like Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

The Strokes just need to get on with being The Strokes. It can’t be that hard.

Meanwhile Paul Banks of Interpol has scheduled gigs for his Julian Plenti alter ego. I wonder if the name is a dig at Julian Casablancas?

After watching Maynard James Keenan’s world’s slowest strip tease at Lollapalooza I was hoping he’d go back to angerly smashing grapes at his Maynard James Keenan Winery, or at least getting the band together to make a new record if it’s not too much to ask. Instead Maynard is going to tour with his side project Puscifer. To paraphrase Slayer, Maynard hates us all.

If you thought Harvey Danger split up back in the 90’s how wrong you were. They actually played their final show at The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle this past Saturday. “Flagpole Sitta” may have been their only hit, but in Seattle there are many with fond memories of the band, particularly in their early days. God speed Harvey Danger.

Ian McCulloch chatted up Rolling Stone about the new Echo And The Bunnymen album. Back in March at SXSW I saw them three times (I know borderline stalker behavior) and only heard them play one new track. It wasn’t bad. Very mellow. Here’s my chat with Will Sergeant of The Bunnymen back in March:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

With the death of their close friend DJ AM, Blink 182 have canceled at least one show.

More Seltzer Mr. King?

Chris Brown can explain why he said he couldn’t recall the night he beat Rihanna. It was the fault of Larry King show producers. He did not explain why he was dressed like a 1950’s soda jerk.

Patrick Wolf would like his cape back.

Many months ago we learned that Chi Cheng of The Deftones was on a coma after a very serious auto accident. I’m sad to report his condition has yet to improve.

And that’s the news. We’re shooting a session this afternoon with Griffin House.




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